Essential smartphone accessories

After a stupendous increase in the smartphone sales in recent times, it is very obvious that most of us are happy smartphone owners. In fact few of you could also be reading this article on your smartphone, so it only means that we are all bound to make use of this amazing invention for not just calling, texting, but to use it to its fullest potential. To raise your smartphone using experience one notch up, it is good to own these smartphone accessories mentioned below as they contribute to entertainment, productivity and more. These are not just accessories, they are the best compliments for every smartphone owner.


NOTE : The ordering is based on the importance, though, all of them are important! 😛


Power Banks

It is very obvious that most of us run out of juice in our mobile phones even before our day ends. Not to blame on our routines and needs, the mobile batteries till date are the huge let down to mobile technology.

Did you know? Sadly, ever since the invention of mobile phones, battery technology has seen no significant implementation to give a screen- on time of more than 6-7 hours!

This has led to the invention of power banks. These are battery back-ups to which our devices can be connected to get them charged. They fall behind in our list because it heats up the device to an extent unimaginable; certainly, even if it is made by the best of companies, the reliability factor is minimal in this regard. Although, it is a good means to charge your device during journeys and during power cuts. Check the image below to understand them better before buying.

Power Banks


More often than resting on our hands or table, they rest on the floor. Yes, that’s how we keep them these days! 😀 Mobiles are often dropped and/or placed in places that could spoil the texture in their body. This is where cases and covers come in handy.  Apart from adding a stylish or funky outlook they help our mobiles sustain minor drops and protect them from scratches(flip-covers do so). These are now available for almost all the smartphones in varied patterns and colors to match our liking. Be it superheroes or abstract designs, they are all on them.

Cases and Covers

These cases are available pre-designed and also customized. LayerSquare, My Custom Cases , Printvenue are the sites where customized ones can be ordered.



OTG(On-The-Go) cables, the go-to cable for smartphone users who’s phones does not have a micro SD card slot, the OTG cables have a lot of applications. They can be used to connect a Pendrive to mobile, connect the mobile to a USB charger cable in terms of need etc. The Pendrive connectivity is most useful to almost everyone as files on pendrive can be easily accessed and manipulated not requiring a computer or laptop.

2.A Comprehensive Headphone

Headphones(Over-the ear)

One of the most important accessory, headphones do come in along with the smartphones, but it is important to analyze and get the right ones based on the requirements and comfort. Headphones are our companions in cases of deadly need for music, to answer phone calls or to watch movies. These are of three types: IN-EAR, ON-THE EAR, OVER-THE EAR. Generally, IN-EAR and OVER-THE EAR are preferable. Over-the ear are best for movie watching and gaming, because they are good surrounding noise cancelers. They cover your ears and provides an effective experience.

In The Ear

In-Ear are the general purpose ones with a mic. They provide good sound and balance between Bass and Treble, the most important aspects of music.

An extensive guide on how to chose and buy can be read here 



Yes, this is THE most important accessory in terms of a smartphone. Nothing could be more effective than ourselves being safe by handling our smartphones with care. It is evident that we spend most of our times using them, so it is better we be cautious and make the most out of them.

There are several other useful accessories for smartphones. I have listed a few here, make sure you grab the best of them for your smartphone and help them increase your productivity and style quotient. 🙂