best bengali restaurant bangalore
best bengali restaurant bangalore

The moment we talk about bengalis, there are many things which come to our mind like Kolkata, Kolkata Knight Riders, Roshogulla, Howrah bridge, Fish and sumptuous Bengali food. As we all know Bangalore is a place where we see people coming in from various cities of India and Bengalis have one of the biggest communities here. bengali food is liked by Bengalis and many north Indians as it is spicy, cooked in mustard oil and easy to digest. We  have been to almost all the Bengalis restaurants in Bangalore and in today’s article we would be talking about best Bengalis restaurant in Bangalore.

Our Review methodology

Our ranking of Bengalis restaurants in bangalore is based on user reviews, atmosphere, taste of food, hygiene, staff behaviour and accessibility. We would try to review each places based on these criterias. In future we would also try to get you video reviews of these restaurants which would enable you to see these restaurants online. So here is the list of our hand picked best Bengalis restaurants in Bangalore.

List of Best Bengali Restaurants in Bangalore

Esplanade (Indira Nagar)

esplanade restaurant bangalore

Named after a famous place in Kolkata, Esplanade was founded by a chef Shubhankar Dhar. This place is located in Indira Nagar double road and known for its Aloo jhinge poshto, mutton kosha, daab chingri and bhetki paturi. This restaurant has got the maximum user reviews in major site like Zomato, Google reviews and other food related websites. A must visit bengali restaurant for bengali food lovers.

Cost: 900 for 2 approximately

Address: 203, Double Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore

Bhojohori Manna (Koramangla and J P Nagar)

bhojohori manna bangalore

This is certainly one of the best bengali restaurants in Bangalore. We have been to this place many times and everytime  this place has surprised us with their amazing food and hospitality. Usually their branch in Koramangla is crowded so you may move to J P Nagar branch which is less crowded and waiting time is lesser as compared to the other branch in Koramangala. Bhojohri Manna has many branches all over India and recently they were awarded best Bengali restaurant in Bangalore by Radio city. This place is a must visit place and you should have bhetki maach, mutton kosha and cham cham here.

Cost: 700 for 2 approximately

Address: 668/B, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore and 42, Opposite RV Dental College, 7th Cross, JP Nagar, Bangalore

Oh Calcutta!! (St Marks Road)

Oh! Calcutta, bangalore

As name suggests this restaurant serves traditional Bengali, nawabi and colonial cuisine from Kolkata. Must try in oh Cacutta are mutton rezzala, smoked bhetki, roshogulla. They have recently moved to a new place in St marks and its main land China in st. Marks road.

Cost: 1200 for 2 approximately

Address:  15/16, Second Floor, House of Lords, St. Marks Road, Bangalore

Kitchen of Joy (Indira Nagar and Vignana Nagar)

kitchen of joy bangalore

Of all the bengali restaurants in Bangalore this place has best Kolkata ambience. You would feel that you are in Kolkata and it would make you nostalgic. We have been to their restaurant in Kaggadasspura and liked the ambience, food and hospitality. Food is not very expensive and you would certainly enjoy this place. They have one more branch in Indira Nagar but this place is more like take away joint. Speciality of Kithen of joy are Kolkata rolls, sweets and elish macch.

Cost: 600 for 2 approximately

Address: 12th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, ESI To Domlur, Service Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore and 2nd Floor, Above South Indian Bank, Next to BATA, Vignan Nagar, LB Shastry Nagar, Kaggadasapura, Bangalore

Bangalina (Koramangala)

bangalina bangalore

Located in Koramangla this place was founded in 2002 with name Fish n Sweets but later changed to Bangalina. You can enjoy classical Bengali movies with authentic bengali buffet. Must try in this restaurnat are sweets, Aloo Poshto and fish curry.

Cost: 500 for 2 approximately

Address: 355, 1st ‘B’ Main, 7th Block, Opposite HDFC Bank, Koramangala, Bangalore

Sorse (Phoenix Market City)

sorse restaurant bangalore

Located in second floor of Phoenix market city, this places serves awesome bengali food with fast service and resonable designed menu. Must try in this restaurant are Hilsa macch, pulao, luchi daal.

Cost: 650 for 2 approximately

Address: S-61A, 2nd Floor, Near Amoeba, Phoenix Market City, ITPL Main Road, Mahadevpura, Whitefield, Bangalore

Panch Phoron

panch phoron restaurant bangalore

Located in Koramangala, its a true bong delight. This place is another good place for sumptuous bengali food. Ambience of this place is average but food is just awesome and we guarantee you that you would relish your food. Behaviour of staff is very good. Must try at this place are Golda chingri malai curry, bengali thali, mutton kosha.

Cost: 600 for 2 approximately

Address: 62, Solitaire, 1st Floor, Near HDFC Bank, 1st Main, 7th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore and 9, 1st floor, NAL Wind Tunnel Main Road, Murugeshpalaya, Old Airport Road, Bangalore

Park Street (Marathahali)

park street restaurant bangalore

From inside this restaurant gives you feeling of Park street in Kolkata. This place is not huge in size however they have decent seating space with good food and cost is very reasonable.

Cost: 400 for 2 approximately

Address: 35/1B, Varthur Main Road, Munnekolala, Marathahalli, Bangalore

KC Das (M G Road and multiple locations)

kc das bangalore

With many branches in Kolkata KC Das is one of the best Bengalis restaurants for bengali sweets and breakfast food. KC Das is very reasonable and known for its Roshogulla and Rasmalai. You would get Luchi, aloo curry and daal at breakfast for just 30-40 rupees and it is really amazing. Visit this place for auhentic Bengali sweets and luchi aloo.

Cost: 200 for 2 approximately

Address: 38, Church Street, MG Road Area, Bangalore and 15 other locations

So this is about Best Bengali Restaurants in Bangalore. if you have been to any other Bengali restaurants then do mention them in below comment.