top 10 best cities to live in world

According to the latest report by Economist’s global liveability survey Indian is no where in the top 10 list of best cities to live in world. In this list the number one city to live in is Melbourne, Australia followed by Vienna, Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary. Top 7 places are occupied by Canada and Australia with Austria at second place.This analysis was done among 140 countries and India is not in any of the list.

Top 10 Best Cities to Live in World; List of Worst Cities to Live in World

Economist’s global liveability surveyn has also released list of ten of the worst biggest declines in liveability over five years and Paris is one of them. Paris is able to make a spot in the list mainly due to previous terrorist attacks on them in recent times. This list is topped by Damascus which is in Syria, followed by Kiev, Detroit, Moscow, Bahrain and Tripoli.

Let us have a look at Best Cities to Live in World below,

Top 10 Best Cities to Live in World

Best Cities to Live in World

Now let us have a look at the worst cities to live in world below and this list is topped by Damascus, followed by Tripoli, Lagos, Dhaka, Port Moresby and Algiers. Karachi from Pakistan is at 7th in this list and as expected India is no where in this list. We had expected Dhaka in this list as recent terrorist attacks and miserable infrastructure caused this city to be in this list.

Top 10 Best Worst Cities to Live in World

worst Cities to Live in World

We would also be sharing the list of cities who have seen major decline in their liveability score in last 5 years. You would be surprised to see Detroit from USA in this list and Damascus is again top in the list.

Worst Biggest Declines in liveability Score Over Five Years

worst cities to live

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