Best Cycles Under 10000 In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

The cycle is one of the best inventions by men because it is still one of the best means of transport and is still considered one of the best sports to date.

With the growing concern for health and the environment, people are developing interest in cycles because it is one of the easiest ways to maintain health and protect the environment and also save money. In cities with an increase in vehicle movement, traffic has become a common problem and If you’re an office goer or a student then it will save time and if you’re a sportsperson or health enthusiast then owning a cycle will keep you fit and productive. 

These days environmentalists are promoting Eco-friendly products and ways to control pollution since global warming is becoming a serious issue. Therefore owning a cycle could be the best thing you can do for our environment. Thus if you’re looking for a reliable cycle then here are some of the best cycles available under 10,000 INR.

Best Cycles Under 10000 

Best mountain cycle Best mountain cycle
Hero Sprint Ultron 26T 21
  • Quality:Front and rear disc brake
  • Compatible:Spanner provided in the box for installation
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Worth Price Worth Price
TATA Stryder
  • Quality:Design for comfort
  • Compatible:Steel frame with heat resistant
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mountain cycle mountain cycle
  • Quality:Suitable for people height between 5’4 to 6’4
  • Compatible:Disc brakes
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good quality cycle good quality cycle
Hero Kyoto 26T
  • Quality:Double Steel frame
  • Compatible:Anti-skid pedals
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best bike brands best bike brands
Omobikes 1.0
  • Quality:Lightweight cycle (12.9kg)
  • Compatible:Anti-Rust coating
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Best cycle for kids Best cycle for kids
  • Quality:High carbon steel frame
  • Compatible:Dual disc brakes
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budget-friendly budget-friendly
Kross Spider
  • Quality:12 Kilograms
  • Compatible:Sturdy Steel frame
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Highly recommended Highly recommended
Hero RX1 26T
  • Quality:Adjustable seat
  • Compatible:Front and rear V Brakes
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Best mountain cycle Best mountain cycle
Hero Ranger DTB-VX 26T
  • Quality:Rigid Suspension fork
  • Compatible:Comes with Mudguard
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Best sports cycle Best sports cycle
Hero Sprint Fazer 24T:
  • Quality:Mudguard
  • Compatible:V type brakes
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#1 Hero Sprint Ultron 26T 21: (Best mountain cycle)

Hero cycle has been in the Indian market for some time and therefore does not need an introduction, the hero is producing more cycles at an affordable price and has a huge fan base. Hero cycles are also known for their sturdiness and heavy-duty performance.

This cycle comes with 85 percent assembled so we can assemble the rest. The wheel size is 26 inches which is the most accepted standard by professionals and its frame size is 18 inches which is an ideal size for people with a height between 5’4 to 6’4. It has a strong steel frame with front suspension for a smooth experience even when riding offroad. It has disc brakes for both front and rear. This geared cycle can go upto 21 gear speed thus this cycle is designed in a way you can use it in schools, sports, and adventure, etc.


  • 21 gear speed
  • Good size for adults
  • Front and rear disc brake
  • Adjustable seat with Rexine Saddle
  • Spanner provided in the box for installation


#2 TATA Stryder: (Best mountain cycle)

Tata is a reputed automobile company and a cycle from Tata is something which is awesome. This is a modern designed cycle made for everyday use on roads.  

The Tata Stryder is a good bike for long distances on road and is designed for comfort. This cycle has a sturdy steel frame with heat resistance, its double-wall alloy rim is another special feature which ensures the user durability and comfort for several years. It has an awesome tire grip and powerful brakes to ensure safety. You can maintain your health and help reduce air pollution with this eco-friendly cycle. We also recommend you check this cycle every six months for safety and comfort.


  • Steel frame with heat resistant
  • Double alloy wheel-set rim
  • Design for comfort
  • Sleek modern design
  • Powerful brakes
  • Worth the price


#3 Avon GENNOW: (Best Mountain Cycle)

Avon is a well-known brand in the Indian cycle market, it has been manufacturing quality sports bicycles for some time and is upgrading its product. Its design is the first thing that attracts the buyers to it and along with it comes good material used in building it.

The AVON GENNOW mountain cycle comes with a robust threadless suspension, and the wheel is made with a double-wall alloy rim. The handle and seat of this cycle is adjustable so you can adjust it according to your preference for comfort ride. The cushion seat ensures comfort even as you go for adventure and long-distance rides.

The double rim supports all-terrain and is stronger compared with the regular cycle. Its fork suspension is designed to give you comfort and good ride even on offroads. It has 21 gear speed for fast riding on roads, the front, and rear brake-disc is powerful to stop at any situation.


  • Disc brakes
  • Mountain bike
  • Fork with Suspension 
  • Double alloy rim
  • Suitable for people height between 5’4 to 6’4


#4 Hero Kyoto 26T: (Best Mountain Bike)

The hero is known for making good quality cycles as well as budget-friendly cycles which are durable and comfortable, it is also one of the best selling bikes because it is reliable and has been winning the trust of people since 1956. 

The Hero Kyoto 26T is not the best sports cycle but is above average which is made to provide you with good experience. The frame is made of steel which can endure the weight and all types of weather. Although the suspension and is V brake type it gives you the best result compared to regular cycles.

It is important to note that this cycle is specially designed for teenagers and adults who have a maximum height of 5’10.


  • Double Steel frame
  • Superior quality reflectors
  • Dual “V” Brake
  • Comfortable seat
  • Anti-skid pedals
  • Single-speed


#5  Omobikes 1.0 :(Best cycle: hybrid)

Omobikes is one of the best bike brands in India, they make sleek design bikes that are comfortable and reliable as well. 

This Omobike is popularly known for being lightweight and is the lightest in this price segment. This bike is designed for Indian cities so you can overcome traffic and comfort in Going through the traffic or weekly morning rides or leisure rides for health purposes every day, this trendy looking bike is suitable for age group 12 to 35 years and its frame is Double Anti-Rust Coating and colorful double-wall alloy rims which is designed to carry around 95 kgs hassle-free. 

Overall this bike is an eco-friendly bike with adorable style and specially designed to keep you healthy and the environment free from pollution.


  • Lightweight cycle (12.9kg)
  • Strong steel frame tested with 95 kgs
  • Anti-Rust coating
  • Colorful double alloy rim
  • Classy design; made for cities


#6 MDS UNLIMITED CYCLES-K8 Daredevil: (Best cycle for kids)

The MDS K8 DAREDEVIL MTB cycle is a good sports cycle which is designed for kids between 5 to 12 years of age. This cycle is known for its durable quality and is designed for comfort.

The Frame is made of high carbon steel designed to give the best cycling experience to kids. the Frame also has 2 years of warranty against any manufacturing defect. Most of the components are an alloy made. Pedals-Alloy, Brake lever-Alloy, Rims-Stylish flashy double-wall alloy rims, Spokes-Alloy, Handlebar, and neck-Alloy, Tyres-Nylon, Tube-Butyl Rubber. Another special feature of this bike is that it has fork suspension which absorbs the shocks while riding on bad roads. Disc brakes are stronger and more durable and cost less in maintenance and thankfully this bike also has dual disc brakes; front and rear brakes which are powerful enough to control or stop whenever you want. 

This bike is recommended for children (both boys and girls) age 5 to 12 years and height 3’3 to 4’3.


  • Fork suspension
  • Dual disc brakes
  • Alloy: Pedals, brake lever, rims, spokes, handlebar and neck.
  • Suitable for both boys and girls
  • High carbon steel frame
  • Frame with 2 years warranty


 #7 Kross Spider: (Best cycle for all occasion)

Kross is a cycling brand which is gaining its reputation in the Indian market, this bike is meant for use in all types of occasion, you can use it for going to school, recreational purpose and also for adventure. 

The Kross spider is Ergonomically made to ensure safety and comfort. A special feature of this bike is that it has alloy rims and we know alloy rims last longer and are comfortable on bumpy roads. Front & Rear V Brakes Set WIth Alloy Lever & Brake Cables WIth Friction Free Casing For Effective Braking Wheel. This bike is suitable for teenagers as well as children (both boys and girls). Thus this cycle is a budget-friendly cycle and does not compromise with its quality.


  • Rigid fork
  • Alloy rims
  • 7 speed 
  • 12 Kilograms
  • Sturdy Steel frame
  • V Brakes with Friction Free Casing


#8 Hero RX1 26T: (Best single speed mountain bike)

We know Hero is a well-known cycle brand in India and is trusted by millions. It is a reputed brand therefore a mountain bike from them is surely a reliable one.

The Hero R1X 26T is an awesome model among the hero available cycles in the market, this mountain bike comes with 85% assembled and so the minor parts we can fix at home. The frame is made of steel for durability and is 16.7 inches. It also comes with a suspension fork for comfort even while offroading. It has adjustable seats so that you adjust according to your preference. Other important parts are PU saddle and MTB Paddle and it also comes with front and rare v brakes which are strong enough to control when needed.

This cycle is recommended for people between 5’4 and 6’4 of height.


  • MTB Pedals
  • Single-speed cycle
  • Suspension fork
  • Front and rear V Brakes
  • PU saddle
  • Adjustable seat
  • Mountain bike


#9 Hero Ranger DTB-VX 26T: (Best mountain cycle)

If you’re looking for the best hero mountain bike with gears then this could be one of them, a bike from Hero is never disappointing, it comes with all the best features you will definitely love.

It comes with 85% assembled form like most of the bikes, while it comes with Allen Key & Spanner provided in a box for installation. Its tyre size is 19.7 inches and its frame size is also 19.7 inches. This bike comes with a special rigid suspension for a comfortable ride in all-terrain. The front and rear brakes are calipers to ensure strong control at all times.

This bike overall is stylish as well as a sturdy bike for sports lovers, it is suitable for adult males whose height is between 5’8 to 6’2.


  • Rigid Suspension fork
  • Caliper brakes
  • 6-speed gear
  • Mountain bike
  • Comes with Mudguard
  • Front and rear reflectors
  • Steel suspension frame


#10 Hero Sprint Fazer 24T: (Best sports cycle)

Hero sprint Fazer 24T is an awesome bike from Hero, an Indian based company. This bike is specially designed for bike lovers who like to go off-roading or adventures.

This bike comes with a 24-inch Tyres and 18-inch frame size. The front and rear brakes of this bike are v type brakes. Its frame is made of steel and added with suspension for comfortable riding even on off-road. It comes with a good quality mudguard to protect you from dirt splash. It also has reflectors for safety which look stylish as well. 

This bike is recommended for people  9 to 11 years of age. It is important to note that 85% of the bike is assembled: Allen Key & Spanner provided in a box for installation.


  • V type brakes
  • Dual suspension
  • Front and rear reflectors
  • Single-speed gear
  • Mudguard
  • Steel frame
  • Suspension on frame


Buyer Guidelines For Cycles

Compare: The basic thing to do before buying a bike is to compare the specifications and price of the bikes available in the market. It is very important to compare if you want a specific type of bike and the reason for use, either you want to use it on city roads or offroads and sports.

Brakes: Brakes are one of the most important parts of a bike because, without brakes, you would not be able to control your bike especially when you go out for an adventure. There are different types of brakes available, for example, Rod-actuated brakes, Caliper brakes, Side-pull caliper brakes, Centre-pull caliper brakes, U-brakes, Cantilever brakes, Disc brake, Traditional cantilever brakes, V-brakes. Among these, the V brake is a common brake for bikes however disc brakes are better in performance and durable and also widely available.

Frame: Just like the components and wheels a frame is equally important. It is the foundation of your bicycle. Ensure to get the right frame as it may feel uncomfortable while cycling. If you are looking for a bicycle to buy, consider going for a frame that carries the weight of your feet and bottom, and not your hands. Even the frame material makes a huge impact on your ride. While it is also important to note that there are various types of frames available in the market. 

  • Aluminum frame: These days aluminum frames are used in most of the cycles because it is lightweight and doesn’t rust, it is also expensive.
  • Steel frame: Steel frames have been used by manufacturers for many years because it is durable, cheap and looks good.
  • : Carbon frames are lightweight, durable and resistant to corrosion and the best to use on bikes which are for sports use but it is expensive.

Purpose: There are various types of bikes available in the market; bike to maintain fitness and bike to use for sports and adventure, therefore before buying a bike you should know why you’re buying it and how you’re going to use it. Sports bike has gears and a carbon frame with alloy rim and disc brakes while a fitness bike can be the same or without those features and just with a regular frame and rims.


These days having at least one bike is a necessity. It is still one of the best transport because it has every benefit for our health and environment, riding a bike is the easiest and most interesting way to work out and if you’re a sports bike lover, it is always wise to buy a higher quality bike which would boost your biking skills. Thus investing on a bike is one of the best investments on health and so owning a bike is an awesome idea for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which sports cycle is the best under 10,000?

Hero sprint Ultron 26T 21 is the best under 10,000.

2. Which mountain bike should I buy?

Hero sprint Ultron 26T 21.

3. Why should I buy a bike?

It is good to buy a bike because bike riding can boost your health and mood.

4. What should I look for in a cycle?

You should look for the type of; frame, rim, brakes, and design.

5. Which is the best cycle for children?

MDS UNLIMITED CYCLES K-8 Daredevil is probably the best for children.

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