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Best Dog boarding in bangalore
Best Dog boarding in bangalore
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On Jul 4, 2017
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India's First Startup in pet boarding in Bangalore. Dog beds, sprinklers, play area, treadmill, grooming, day care, home stay option, cheapest and best pet boarding in Bangalore.

Today we are going to review Best Dog Boarding in Bangalore and best Pet Homestay in Bangalore. In this, we would be talking about a new startup who has won many hearts in a very short span of time. They have taken the initiative of setting up a professional dog boarding with a mix of homestay in Bangalore with the aim of providing the best services and peace of mind to pet owners. Recently they got featured in LBB as best home stay boarding in Bangalore and their boarding was termed as puppy palace and through them we came to know about SwearOnDog.

Best Dog Boarding in Bangalore Review

Review Methodology

We first decided to see their website and reviews online and then later decided to visit their facility so we can get hands on experience. let us first talk about their online presence and various review posted on their Facebook and Google Plus page.

We saw their website and it is pretty impressive. They have some super amazing images and from there we came to know that they are the first Indian startup on pet boarding. They are the first startup in Bangalore to have dog therapy. Right on top they have mentioned that they have LCD display, soothing music for pets, cozy beds and sedan pick up. We also saw that they have sprinklers which is unique to us. Their about us page says this about their team, was stared by a group of enthusiastic pet lovers who felt your pet needs to enjoy their stay while you enjoy your holiday to the most.

Let us tell you the people behind us: We had visited their facility and there we came to know that it was founded by Swagata Bhattacharjee from Bangalore. Once she had left her dog in one of the reputed boardings of Bangalore and he came back with a lot of ticks and fleas. She had to visit a vet and for weeks she found her pooch suffering because of tick fever. This triggered a thought in her mind to set up a boarding place for pets which is inspired by the concept of USA and will have all the luxury required for a happy stay of your pooch.

She was then helped by one of her friends Abhishek Kumar, who worked in corporate for more than 8 years and has devoted his life to welfare of animals. They do have caretakers in their facility and a loving dog. must say, what a team!!

We then checked their services and must say they have a wide range of services under one roof. Starting from pet boarding, grooming, dog therapy, homemade food delivery to your pet’s birthday celebrations they have everything for your pet. We feel all this time we were looking for this wide range of services and this place has it all.

If you would like to check place then I must say this is the best dog boarding in Bangalore and must go and check yourself once.

Online Reviews

Facebook Page Review

We checked their website and then wanted to check their reviews posted online. we first jumped to their facebook page which is right here . We saw 5 rating on their review tab and there were 11 reviews in total. We are going to copy paste few reviews so you may see it.

Review by Anushka Bhattacharya

Swagota and Abhishek took a lot of care of our Leo. He is extremely happy to have got chance to clean up all the grasses 😀 and thanks you for the care 🙂
He had fun with Auzzie..
Thanks so much!

Review by Gaurav Gupta

The way Swagata took care of my baby is way too amazing. They have a beautiful facility with a mix of Homestay and professional boarding. My husky Bruno loved going there. I recommend this place to all dog parents. They have got wow factor with them.

Review by Vinod Madhavan

This is for ‘Jay-D aka Jayden & Zoey aka Zoelle’… They are asking me to woof woof this to you .. Here it is …

” Thank you for looking after us for a week while our parents were away. We enjoyed our stay and loved playing with your pups, though we troubled them we could never be more thankful. Thanks, Abhishek Kumar for your wonderful service even picking and dropping us in your car at 2 AM  … Your WhatsApp chats and pictures kept my parents happy and relaxed, knowing we are safe and happy. We are delighted..” Thank You!!

Google Local Business Review

We are now done with Facebook review and decided to move to Google local business page where usually people write genuine reviews and walla even here they have 5 out of 5 reviews. We are going to copy paste few reviews so you may see it.

Review by Prashanth Hiremath

I left my cat there for 15 days and she was so damn happy when she came back. Must say this is the best place for your pet. They have amazing people in their team and must say they rock!! Kudos👍🏽

Review by Ankit Khanna

Finally, my search for a perfect boarding place ended here. This place has got WOW factor with them. Left my Kasper for 7 days and he enjoyed his stay. He came back in a black swanky car and he was looking very happy. Got regular updates from Abhishek and for the first time I happily enjoyed my holiday without any worries. keep up the good work! We need more startups like yours.

Review by Jennifer Sinclair

I wanted to leave my baby Bruno for 15 days and visited almost all the so called professional pet boarding in Bangalore. I even visited few famous home stays too but they all suck big time. All of them talk sweet but pets are kept in a horrible condition. Finally through a FB post came to know about Swearondog and decided to visit this place. I was stunned after looking at the facilities provided by these guys. This is a true luxury palace for them and my Bruno loved his stay. when I came back I was provided report card , a free spa for him and a lot of toys for him. I am now their true fan and would certainly recommend this place to everyone in Bangalore.

We have to say here that we are impressed and very much excited to visit thir facility.

Visit to SwearOnDog’s Facility

It was a sunny afternoon, we called these guys on the number mentioned on the website. A guy picked up my call and he was very professional and kind enough to tell me about directions. We started from our office in HSR layout took the elevated flyover and within 12 minutes we were standing near to their facility. We were welcomed by the team and Auzzie was the most enthusiastic of them all. We saw 7 dogs playing there and they were having a gala time. We were first offered cool drinks, snacks and after a small chitchat, we were taken inside to show the facility for small dogs.

Boarding Facility for Small Dogs

The best thing I liked about this place is that it is not at all like those huge professional dog boarding and they have made a super cool facility. The place where small dogs sleep has got LCD display and a nice dog cartoon was viewed by 3 small dogs. we felt we did disturb them. This place has a tomboy speaker bar inside so when they are done with watching cartoons, they are made to listen to soothing dog music which puts them to sleep. What an amazing concept. They do have dog beds in for all the three puppies and it is huge and can easily accommodate 2 dogs in it.

We did not want to disturb those small kings and queens more so we came out and had a look at their grooming station. It has a huge place for dog washing with both hot and cold water and a hand shower with a place to groom dogs. They have a lot of tools to groom your dog and Abhishek has done his grooming course from Singapore so you can rest assured that your pooch is in right hands. We also saw a treadmill for dogs who need physiotherapy. When we asked about the treadmill they said it is for dogs who required special care and can not go out for walks. What a kind initiative!

Near grooming station, we saw a big LCD tv which was showing what the caretaker and big dogs are doing outside. Abhishek was constantly watching it and was busy in grooming the dogs. We now came out and were taken to big dog boarding place and playing area. This place had a lot of surprises for us. When we entered we saw big places for dogs and that was actually big. There were hanging lights on top of each dog place with a high-speed fan and air cooler. We were impressed, Swagata then showed us dog beds, the place for dogs and playing area for big dogs.

Oh man, inside there was a splash pool and must say it was a very good experience for us. We were also shown small dog play area which is separate and we were impressed by this facility. We were now going to witness the most amazing thing which we have never seen in Bangalore.

Pet Limousine

Swagata took the car keys and opened the lock and we saw a huge space inside a Swift Dzire. They have taken the back seat and made a huge cozy space for your dog to sit. It was a real Limousine for a pet. The sad part is that it is only for in-house pets and not everyone can avail this service.

Big Dog Park

When we visited their facility we were shown under construction dog park. They have leased a huge 7000 sqft of open place and converting that into big dog park with swimming pools and lot of other features.

Range of Services

We now sat with Swagata and were told about all the services provides by them. They have a lot of services and all were priced in such a way that anyone can avail it. They do have dog therapy and visited many corporates and got a very good response from them. They aim to be the best dog boarding in Bangalore hence come up with so many services.


When we talked about pricing, we were shocked to know the dirt cheap price. Swagata told us that they are in the phase of acquiring customer hence prices are really low for now. A day of boarding will cost you 399 and grooming start from 599 to 999. I am sure that next time I am going to avail their services for sure. She also said that in order to become the best boarding in Bangalore they will have to set prices low in the beginning.

Images of the Facility

Let us have a look at few images of this best dog boarding in Bangalore and we are sure that it is going to mesmerize you.

Prerequisites for Boarding

We also enquired if there are any Prerequisites for Boarding and we were told a few things which we want to share their FAQ with you all.

  • Is there any requirement for Swearondog?

Your canine family member must be current on vaccination for Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. Bordetella , which protects against a respiratory illness commonly known as “kennel cough” in addition to canine parainfluenza virus (another kennel cough agent). If your bordetella vaccination is over, you will need to see your veterinarian for an updated vaccination. Your dog must be in good health, tick/flea free and friendly by nature.

  • My dog has health issues, can he/she still come?

It depends on the health issues. Certain illnesses don’t go well in a social environment. But we cannot accept dogs with communicable diseases or parasites. It is best to discuss any possible issues with Swearondog.

  • What is your minimum age when accepting a dog for boarding or daycare?

Our primary concern is the welfare of the dogs in our care. It is generally recommended that puppies get their first round of “adult” shots at 12 weeks and can be involved in group care once two weeks have passed from the date of their initial vaccinations.

  • Do you give discounts for multiple pets?

Yes, we do. Under our price listing, you will see prices for additional dogs for both boarding and daycare.

  • My puppy is small and I see a bunch of big dogs. Is this environment safe for small dogs?

Yes, we separate dogs into our play areas based on size, temperament, breed and activity level.

  • My pets like to have toys with them. can they have their favorite toys while boarding with you?

Absolutely. Your dog can have his favorite toy in his suite during his boarding stay. However, we do not allow toys in the play areas where dogs can sometimes become aggressive if they haven’t learned to share.

  • My dog is on a special diet. can I bring in my own food?

Of course. We encourage pet parents to bring their dog’s normal food with them when they come to the hotel. If you cannot or would rather not supply your own food, we’ll be happy to accommodate your dog by feeding him or her with our homemade fresh healthy food.

  • What should my dog wear to Swearondog?

Anything your pooch wants to.

  • Are you able to administer medication if my dog needs it?

We’re able to provide medication to your pet whenever he needs it.

  • My dog lost weight during their boarding visit. is that normal?

It’s common for a pet to lose some weight while staying in the hotel. Mostly weight loss is due to the excitement of being with other guests and the exercise they receive while playing in our large play areas. Dogs in our care get constant activity which doesn’t always happen at home. In short, dogs will typically burn significantly more calories during their boarding visit than they normally do.

  • Can I bring my dog’s own bed?

Sure. We’re happy to have your dog sleep on his or her bed.

  • What if my dog gets sick or injured?

Swearondog, will take proper care of your pooch if an accident occurs. We will contact you immediately if it is an emergency we have a vet available on call. 

  • What about fights and bites?

Fights and bites are rare but they do happen. Our number one goal is to provide an environment in which dogs are happy and comfortable.  To us, this means allowing dogs the necessary space and freedom to interact and play with other dogs and to rest where they are comfortable. But this relative freedom comes with some risk, including injury from a bite by another dog. However, happy, anxiety-free dogs tend not to bite, and we take many steps to ensure happy anxiety-free dogs. These steps include:

  • Prohibiting dogs that are overly-anxious/fearful around other dogs, or are otherwise aggressive towards dogs.
  • Providing an awesome facility where dogs can really run and play outdoors.
  • Providing attention, friendship, and love, and of course fresh water and food (and medications).
  • Proactively managing group play to ensure safe and fun interactions.
  • Reducing situations where “resource guarding” can happen (e.g., carrying around and feeding treats)
  • Actively interpreting body language to ensure dogs are happy and/or relaxed.

That being said, just like human friends can quarrel, dogs can quarrel too. But, dogs can quarrel with their teeth, and sometimes a bite can happen before we can intervene. There are many reasons for fights and bites, and they can happen independent of each other- a bite doesn’t have to involve a fight, and a fight often doesn’t result in a bite.  We strive to eliminate and mitigate most of those reasons, and we are proud of how seldom we have any bites.

In addition, dogs will occasionally come home with scratches or minor scrapes/cuts.  This is completely normal and not a sign that your dog was “in a fight”.  Dogs do play with their teeth and nails…

Once you visit, you will better understand how dogs can live in relative harmony with each other given the right setting.

  • What should I bring with my dog when I drop him off?

Current Vaccination Record from Vet 

  • What is your cancellation policy?

Please give at least 48 hours’ notice before canceling especially during busy times like holiday weeks and summertime. We do fill up fast and last minute cancellations prevent us from filling your dog’s spot. 


  • What exactly is a dog day care?

Dog Daycare is a chance for your dog to socialize and play with other dogs in a structured and safe environment. Dog daycare gives your dog a chance to do dog stuff all day while your off doing human stuff. It is the perfect chance for them to learn much-needed socialization.

  • Will my old dog enjoy participating in Daycare?

This depends on the dog, each dog is different. If your dog is the older mellower type then he/she will be grouped with dogs of a similar temperament, some older dogs enjoy romping around with the young kids, while some prefer to nap on the couches, We let your dog make this decision. There is no forced interaction.

  • What’s the minimum age to participate in Dog Daycare at Swearondog?

You can drop your pooch irrespective of any age into out Swearondog daycare. 

  • How do I make a reservation for daycare?

You can call us at +919741793868 or 9886985865 during our regular hours or send us an email at

  • Should my dog eat prior to coming to Swearondog?

It is best to eat 2 hours prior to coming to Swearondog to prevent any discomfort that might be caused by playing too quickly after eating. Please do not feed your dog anything is you are going to avail our cab services.

  • Is there an area for the Dogs to Play?

Absolutely, our outdoor play area is complete with everything your pet needs to include a loving staff that will keep your pet occupied and provides all the exercise and attention that they could ever want.

  • My dog drinks non-stop when he gets home from Dog Hotel & Daycare. Why does he come home so thirsty?

This is not uncommon. What often happens is that dogs spend so much time playing with each other that they sometimes forget to stop and take a drink. For those parents that have children, it is similar to a child forgetting to eat lunch because they are so busy playing with their friends. Please know that we offer multiple sources of water in each play area and every dog has a bowl of fresh water in their suite at all times.

Does Dog Hotel & Daycare accept all breeds of dog?

Yes, we love all dogs.. If your dog is social, he/she will get the same amount of time in our play groups as any other dog regardless of breed. If your dog is not social with other dogs, he/she will get individual playtime with a staff member. We do not, however, accept dogs that are aggressive with people. We have a very hands-on facility that requires us to work closely with all of our guests and we cannot do that effectively if your dog is aggressive towards people.


Leash aggression is very common. It does not mean the dog will behave the same at daycare. Barking while on leash has more to do with the owner.

Overnight Boarding Questions 

  • How far in advance should I make my boarding reservation?

Holidays and summer weekends tend to fill up quickly. Try to make reservations as far in advance as possible to ensure your dog’s spot. 

  • What do I need to bring for an overnight stay? 

Bring food, as it is best to stay on the diet your dog is accustomed to. A favorite toy or stuffed animal is always a good thing to curl up with at night. We provide raised beds made of foams.

  • I have two dogs and they can sleep together but one will eat the others food if I don’t stand over them and watch. Can someone make sure they both eat?

Yes. We can feed dogs who stay in the same enclosure separately so they can both eat in peace. Let us know this when you check in and we’ll make a note of it on their account. 

  • Does someone stay with the dogs overnight?


Contact Details

I am sure by now even you must have got excited to leave your pooch here. So we are providing you the contact details of these guys.

Please contact us on 97417 93868 and 98869 85865

You may also drop a WhatsApp message on 97417 93868.

And remember they are Only 10 minutes away from HSR Layout, BTM, E City, Koramangala.

Our Verdict

Without any doubt we give 5 out of 5 stars to SwearOnDog and crown them with the best dog boarding in Bangalore. They have done an amazing job in our namma Bengaluru and I am sure they will get funding as well a lot of loyal customers soon.

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