Best Tower Speakers Under 10000 in India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

The world is filled with entertainment and most of these can be accessed by everyone from any place in the world either by listening to music, playing video games, watching netflix or listening to news. A world without sound would be meaningless and entertainment will not make much sense, thus having good quality speakers at home has become a necessity these days, we cannot deny that tower speakers  produce superior sound quality and that is what they are built for. Thus we have analysed and selected some tower speakers which are best in quality and performance under 10,000 INR.

Best Tower Speakers Under 10000

Best Tower Speakers Best Tower Speakers
Philips in-SPA 9060B/94 -Best tower speaker
  • Quality:Awesome bass and overall sound quality
  • Oustanding:Best wireless tower speaker in this price segment
  • Better:Works well with all bluetooth enabled devices
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Amazing product Amazing product
OSCAR OSC-16600BT-Speakers
  • Connectivity:Speaker connectivity: wireless
  • Weight:Item weight: 17kgs
  • Inbuilt:Inbuilt FM Radio
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Best sound quality Best sound quality
OBAGE DT-2605:-Tower speaker
  • Bass quality :Excellent
  • Building:Good material used
  • Volume:No distortion
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Excellent for occasions Excellent for occasions
Philips MMS8085B/94 2.1-Best speaker
  • Efficient :Bluetooth connectivity
  • Quality:Amazing bass quality
  • Suitable: Every occasion
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Exclusive product Exclusive product
TSP10 100Watts-Tower speaker
  • Connectivity:USB, AUX, Bluetooth
  • Weight:12.5 kgs
  • Features:FM Radio
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High quality sound High quality sound
Electrosac ES-7200-Speaker
  • Budget:Best budget speaker with amazing features
  • Quality:Excellent performance
  • Sound Quality:Best in sound and quality
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Best touch technology Best touch technology
Mitashi TWR 8480-Best tower speaker
  • Connectivity:Wireless karaoke mic
  • Features:Feather touch front function buttons
  • Compatible: All devices
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Highly Smart control technology Highly Smart control technology
Tronica Dual 6.5-Best tower speaker
  • Good: Battery backup
  • Beautiful: led lights
  • Quality : Good & sturdy
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Awesome Speaker Awesome Speaker
AISEN® 60W- Tower speaker
  • Excellent:Sound quality
  • Design :Sleek design
  • Blends:Nicely with homes
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Best indoors speaker Best indoors speaker
Mitashi TWR-90FUR 2.0 – Speaker
  • Good: bass and treble control
  • Excellencet:Worth the price
  • Features:Fully functional remote control
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#1 Philips in-SPA 9060B/94: (Best tower speaker: Hassle free)

Philips is a reputed brand and is well known for its quality products especially when it comes to speakers it does not disappoint the users, therefore it is highly reliable. This wireless speaker is a hassle free speaker because it does not create space congestion. The speaker works well with any bluetooth enabled device and it produces 60 watts sound output which is great for theatre and other purposes. 


This speaker is user friendly in shape and size, most importantly it is a wireless bluetooth connectivity speaker, it is compatible with all bluetooth devices, thus consuming less space and tidy  setup for the user. It’s also connected directly with USB for easy playback.


  • Sound output: 60 watts
  • Speaker connectivity: wireless
  • Compatible devices: Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, TV
  • Item weight: 12kg
  • Inbuilt FM Radio


  • Best wireless tower speaker in this price segment
  • Awesome bass and overall sound quality
  • Works well with all bluetooth enabled devices
  • Good quality radio receiver for people who likes to listen to news and songs


  • No cons found in this product



#2 OSCAR OSC-16600BT – 2.0 : (Best tower speaker: Excellent for occasions)

OSCAR is one of the most reliable products which never fails to surprise us with its amazing product at such an affordable price without compromising its quality. The speciality about this speaker is that it is highly compatible with several devices, it also has 2 jack for external mic, which is very helpful for people who want to use it in every occasion such as in parties or programmes.


The speciality of OSCAR 16600BT is that it has wireless Karaoke Mic as well it is also available with External Mic Jack.


  • Sound output: 125w x 2 (15000w PMPO)
  • Speaker connectivity: wireless
  • Compatible devices: LED TV, Handset, Karaoke Mic, Remote
  • Item weight: 17kgs
  • Inbuilt FM Radio


  • The speakers are made of wood for producing best quality sound
  • It is good in connectivity 
  • Worth buying in such available budget price
  • Awesome design and can blend easily with other devices


  • A humming sound occurs when it is kept idle but is not traceable during playback



#3 OBAGE DT-2605: (Best tower speaker: Friendly for ears)

The OBAGE DT-2605 is  an amazing speaker with all the best features you need for a great speaker, this speaker is specially made for people who are addicted to music and movies because this speaker produce the best sound quality at all range from low, mid to high, every volume give the best bass and vocal without losing other sound effects and quality also does no fatigue to the ears and even at mid volume, it does not cause any disturbance to the neighbours. 


This speaker is mainly made for indoor use therefore it is built in such a way it does not cause ear fatigue, the  Emphasis is given to sound quality rather than sound quantity, thus it is highly suitable for people who listen to music and watch TV most of the time. 


  • Sound output: 50 + 50W
  • Speaker connectivity:  Bluetooth/ USB /FM /Aux/ MIC
  • Compatible devices: Smart phones, desktop, TV, Laptop etc
  • Item weight: 21Kgs
  • Bass technology: Bass reflex, side firing


  • No background noise during bluetooth operation
  • Excellent in bass quality and it does not distorts the vocals
  • The material used in building it is good
  • No distortion at full volume


  • Remote needs improvement
  • Suitable for indoors only



#4 Philips MMS8085B/94 2.1 (Best tower speaker: Excellent for occasions)

This Philips speaker is probably the speaker you are looking for, in case you are looking for a quality tower speaker at a budget friendly price. It has a sleek design which can blend nicely with your surroundings. This PHILIPS speaker has a power output of 80 watts which is excellent to use for both indoors and outdoors. It is compatible with several devices at your home, it also produces high quality bass. Thus it is suitable for all occasions.


This speaker is the speaker which you can consider the best for every occasion such as parties, watching movies, playing video games etc. as it produces up to 80 watts output therefore it is the master of volume and bass at all times.


  • Sound output: 80 watts
  • Speaker connectivity: USB, SD, Bluetooth
  • Compatible devices: Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, TV
  • Item weight: 8.9 kgs
  • Inbuilt FM Radio


  • Easily and efficient bluetooth connectivity
  • Amazing bass quality
  • Suitable for every occasion
  • with option that can also be converted into 2 speakers


  • Weak FM radio
  • No proper digital display



#5 TSP10 100Watts : (Best tower speaker: Exclusive Performance)

Are you looking for a good speaker with excellent features and high durability? The Thomson speaker is all in one speaker, this brand is known for its design and outstanding performance, it provides 100 watts output and it also balances sound in all frequencies, making your listening more comfortable and clear. Wood! It is the secret to great sound. The New TPS10 Towers from Thomson have a real wood construction to make music like you have never heard before. It is compatible with Phones, MP3 players, televisions, DVD players, computers etc. it has all the ports and connectivity options you want.


This sturdy speaker is also known by the name ‘European Youth Machine’ It is excellent in performance and is suitable for every occasion. The speaker also produces loud sound at 100 watts which most of the speaker does not do in this price segment. The wooden box and design looks classy and old school which blends perfectly with your furniture and wall of your living room.


  • Sound output: 100 watts
  • Speaker connectivity: USB, AUX, Bluetooth
  • Compatible devices: Desk top, smartphone, TV, Laptop etc
  • Item weight: 12.5 kgs
  • Additional features: FM Radio


  • Speaker is made of wooden box for best sound quality
  • Compatible with all the bluetooth and AUX devices
  • Classy design for modern homes
  • Play Karaoke and sing along with amazing sound quality


  • No cons found for this product


#6 Electrosac ES-7200 2(8″)- : (Best tower speaker: All in one speaker)

Are you looking for a speaker with clarity and heavy bass at a budget price? This speaker is especially made for people who like to listen to music whether it be day or night, maybe you want to listen to music at night at low volume, this speaker won’t  disappoint you because it can balance vocal and bass even at low volume. This speaker also produces high quality sound in loud volume and is designed to not cause ear fatigue even if you listen to any programmes or music for several hours. Thus this speaker gives you the best listening experience at all times.


This reliable speaker is specially designed for your ears because it balances the treble, the bass and other sound effects perfectly to give you the best sound quality. Therefore even after listening to music or any other audio through this speaker, you won’t find yourself uncomfortable with the sound produced by this speaker.


  • Sound output: 140 watts
  • Speaker connectivity: AUX, Bluetooth, SD Card
  • Compatible devices:  iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, TV, DVD, Microphone
  • Item weight: 6 Kg




  • Best budget speaker with amazing features
  • Excellent performance 
  • Sturdy product with great design
  • Best in sound and quality


  • Needs  improvement for wireless connectivity



#7 Mitashi TWR 8480: (Best tower speaker: Feather touch technology)

The Mitashi TWR 8480 BT 2.0 is an amazing speaker which is specially made for entertainment purpose because it is designed to deliver the best quality sound. It  gives you premium performance without compromises and features new, beautifully crafted designs that are packed with technology to deliver the best audio experience. This speaker is also known for its compatibility and durability.


This speaker comes with a special design known as the feather touch, this is designed to  enrich user experience and longevity of the product. 


  • Sound output: 60 Watts
  • Speaker connectivity: AUX, Bluetooth, USB, SD Card
  • Compatible devices: TV, DVD, PC, laptop, tablet, mobile, MP3, MP4 player etc
  • Item weight: 15.4 kg
  • Extra features: Fm Radio


  • Great speaker for singers and music lovers
  • Wireless karaoke mic
  • Feather touch front function buttons
  • Compatible with all devices


  • No cons found



#8 Tronica Dual 6.5” : (Best tower speaker: Smart control technology)

It is rare to find a speaker which looks cool and also performs according to your desire but this tower speaker from Tronica brand is probably the all in one speaker you are looking for, because this speaker has all the amazing features such as 6000 mAh battery backup which is sufficient enough to stay alive for 6 hours which is awesome for outdoor parties and programmes. This speaker also supports two microphones which is  great for practicing singing at home.


This speaker is considered as a smart speaker because it has a good digital display and most importantly do you know, you can control the speaker using your smartphone. First scan the barcode available and download the application and control the speaker with your finger tips.


  • Sound output: 60 watts 
  • Speaker connectivity: AUX, Bluetooth, USB, SD Card
  • Compatible devices:  TV, DVD, PC, laptop, tablet, mobile, MP3, MP4 player etc
  • Item weight: 15.4 kg
  • Item weight: 3.9 kg
  • Additional features: 6000 mAh battery backup, FM Radio


  • Good battery backup 
  • Can connect to your smartphone efficiently
  • Beautiful led lights
  • 2 microphone for singing  practice and to use in parties
  • Though very light weight but built quality is good & sturdy 


  • no additional direct DC power socket (only mini USB to power the unit)



#9 AISEN® 60W : (Best tower speaker: Compact design for every occasion)

This amazing speaker is defined in three words compact, stylish and efficient. This speaker is the right speaker for all entertainment activities and highly compatible with all media devices, this speaker also blends perfectly with your room and furniture. It also comes with an FM Radio so that you can switch to your favourite radio channel and listen to news or music anytime. This speaker comes at a very affordable price under 10,000 INR.


  • Sound output: 60 watts
  • Speaker connectivity: USB, AUX, Bluetooth
  • Compatible devices:  TV, DVD, PC, laptop, tablet, mobile, MP3, MP4 player etc
  • Item weight: 3.4 kg
  • Additional devices: Wireless mic and FM Radio


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Blends nicely with homes
  • Highly durable speaker
  • Sleek design 


  • No cons found


This speaker is not only amazing in performance and quality but is also known for its compact size and lightweight.  thus it is good handling and makes it presentable to keep it at any room size.


#10. Mitashi TWR-90FUR 2.0 :(Best tower speaker: Best for indoors)

Besides its simple and adorable design this MITASHI speaker assures you with great entertainment experience as you connect to your compatible devices to listen to music or watch movies, it produces high quality sound which is very satisfying for the listeners. you can use it for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The wireless mic makes things more entertaining as you play music and sing on karaoke it is easy without a wire.


  • Sound output: 60 watts (RMS)
  • Speaker connectivity: , USB Input, SD card, bluetooth
  • Compatible devices:   TV, DVD, PC, laptop, tablet, mobile, MP3, MP4 player etc
  • Item weight: 19 kg
  • Additional Features: Wireless microphone, FM Radio


  • Good bass and treble control
  • Worth the price
  • Fully functional remote control
  • Good wireless mic for singing practice


  • No cons found 



Buyers Guidelines for Tower speakers

RMS Of the speaker: It is one of the most important things to study before buying any Tower speaker because the RMS will determine the output volume, high RMS value denotes high sound or amplification. Depending on your use you can select, for example; a 35 watts is sufficient for a living room but 50 watts and above is necessary for a good outdoor sound experience.

Design: There are varieties of speaker design available in the market, some are old school while some have modern touch. Also There are a variety of led speakers for people who love colourful led lights.

Speaker materials: A speaker’s drivers can be made from a variety of materials, such as metal, paper, plastic, and rubber — each with its own sonic properties.  For example, tweeters made of softer materials, such as silk, tend to have smooth sound. It is also a good idea to go for speakers made of wooden box because it provides much better sound quality.

Wireless bluetooth speaker: Bluetooth speakers are the most trending speakers. You wont need a cord for most of    these speakers . All you need to do is connect your smartphone or smart TV to the speaker via Bluetooth. Many Bluetooth speakers offer play/pause, previous/next buttons for convenience. Buying a local Bluetooth speaker will not offer good sound quality as compared to the branded ones. Thus that’s when tower speakers come in to fulfil your listening pleasure.

Remote control and other features: These days most of the speakers come with a remote and it is necessary to buy a remote controllable speaker because it is more comfortable to do the necessary change by sitting on a couch. Other features include AUX Support, USB Support, bluetooth connectivity thus are all important features in a speaker. Good digital screen is also a great feature.

Compare specifications and others: Another most important thing to do before buying a 2.1 speaker is to compare the available speakers and select the best so it fulfills your desire, whether you want it for indoor or outdoor use. Others include weight design of the speaker etc.


1. Which is the best tower speaker under 10,000?

   Philips in-SPA 9060B/94 is the best speaker under 10,000.

2. Why should I buy tower speakers?

Tower speaker provides your living room with a grand look as well as it is known for its superior performance.

3. What should I look for in a tower speaker?

Design, Made materials, sound output and compatibility.

4. Which speaker is a budget friendly speaker?

The Electrosac ES-7200 2 is a budget friendly speaker With all the amazing features, you can get it at around 6-7k INR.

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