BlueHost is one of the prominent hosting company that offers various web hosting and virtual private server services amongst the others in the market. Given that this field of hosting has opened up a broader horizon, does BlueHost, one of the long standing company in the history of hosting, withstand this competition? Let’s find out by uncovering its various aspects.

Consider the fact that there are so many web hosting companies out there, in a previous review about InMotion hosting in our site, InMotion Hosting review 2016 ,  it was evident to us that the extent to which these hosting companies have developed and adopted themselves to technologies, that powers the site and enrich businesses, have come a long way from the beginning. In this scenario, BlueHost being one of the recognized firm, had to and needed to do things in a way that it could retain its customers as well as draw new ones towards it.

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Note : This review is purely based on what the users had to say about InMotion Hosting. Their promising services and growth are the reasons why I am covering it and passing on their strategic victory as well as unknowing cons to you, the users (both new and old).


What they are good at?

Customer Support :

It may seem a bit too early to talk about customer service right at the beginning of cons, but one of the most important aspect of a hosting company is this. The company is only as good as it’s support and maintenance staff are. The product or service can be developed, but to maintain and blend with the customer’s need is a hard task. BlueHost representatives seemed to have mastered this skill. BlueHost have the best of customer supports with various ways to reach their representatives. Below mentioned are a few.

  1. Call the customer support
  2. Chat online with the executive
  3. Get on with social networks like twitter to reach out.
  4. Join the BlueHost community to be served better
  5. Manage yourself by reading the knowledge bank provided by them
  6. YouTube channel of BlueHost has abundance of information as well.

The average time taken for responses can be viewed below.


Considering all this, it is only legitimate to say they value you as much as they value themselves!     

Hosting Performance

Isn’t it tiring to wait for a site to finish loading, only after which u can proceed further? This is something that was overly acceptable a decade ago, but right now, every second wasted in loading leads to decline in user base. Website owners have understood this, so web hosting services are now ready to complement the decision. This leads to a better load and response time. BlueHost, in this regard, are fantastic. Below is a referred numerical of their performance from a source site.

URL tested: XXXXXXXXXXXXX (domain hidden)

Test performed from: New York, NY

Test performed at: 2014-11-11 16:30:34 (GMT +00:00)

Resolved As:

Status: OK

Response Time: 0.686 sec

DNS: 0.183 sec

Connect: 0.079 sec

Redirect: 0.000 sec

First byte: 0.184 sec

Last byte: 0.240 sec

Size: 39701 bytes

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Furthermore, the below image is a review of BlueHost’s performance in a year’s span(source as mentioned). They have had 99+% of uptime and thus makes it more than a satisfying hosting company for the customers.


Their bandwidth, as mentioned in their site, is unlimited for all the plans. This can be evidently observed with the performance and read and write speeds on their servers’ hard disks by multiple users at a time as well.

Control Panel’s efficiency and simplicity

It isn’t enough if you provided the best of services and products, it is essential to make sure they are usable and friendly to all types of customers. This is where their control panel comes in handy. It is designed in such a way that it is simple and effective for the customers to understand and make use of the services in a better way.


Their control panel has control for almost every action you might want to perform, every detail ever since initiation of the service is recorded for evaluation from the customer’s end. Website building and domain management have also been given ample space in the control panel such that the user can configure it based on their needs and relevance.


Every site is created with a motive to gain peak traffic every now and then. If that motive is achieved out of the company’s persistent efforts, it only makes the company a huge successes and therefore making the hits to the site more and more. Here comes the problem of scaling, in other hostings, it becomes an tangled situation whereas BlueHost seems to handle this problem with ease.

Once your site starts getting a lot of visitors, BlueHost automatically assists you via its customer support team to move the domain to a virtual private server(VPS) or a dedicated server. This makes it one of the most scalable and reliable service out there.

Server Specifications and Technology

The heart of every hosting company is these two words. Technology and Server specification. Technology in the current world, is the one thing that is binding the communities of internet users together. So when it comes to a website and hosting it, what is mainly to be noted is the technology deployed in the heart of their hosting. To clearly get an idea of their technology, watch the video. It is important to note that this video was posted 4 years ago!!!!

The server’s specifications is equivalent to the technology deployed. They are used to estimate the performance efficiency of the BlueHost’s hosting service on the whole. This can be visualized from the image below.



Data Integrity and security

Starting from a name to intricate details, data is the most essential part of web. Thus, it is only apt to consider the security of such data to be of prime importance.

With RAID 1 mirrored storage, and modern hardware specifications, with BlueHost, the data security and back-up are not a problem. Back-up is effectively done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. However easy it maybe to back-up, so is it to restore as well. BlueHost also offers PRO backups, which the smaller firms can ignore but the other big players can’t. It is better for the bigger sites to look into BlueHost’s PRO services.


One of the most important reason apart from all other reasons for the drastic success of BlueHost is it’s friendly pricing. Their pricing is comparable to other hosting services and also justifiable in certain cases. To check out the entire lot of it, click here.

It is to be noted that BlueHost is recommended by WordPress as a convenient hosting service for its customers.

What are the cons?


I know it is odd to finish with pricing above as a plus and come down to mention it as a con. It is essential to remember the fact that BlueHost has cheaper plans, but they are long term oriented. These prices are especially set in order to retain their customers for a period of over 12 months. For instance, their cheapest plan comes with a commitment to their hosting service for around 36 months.  

Hosting services like Godaddy does this for much lesser costs and for lesser commitments in terms of time period, although, reliability is a criteria that makes us overlook the pricing.

Paid Site Transfer

While many of the hosts provide this service for free, BlueHost charges certain amount to migrate up to 5 websites and 20 email accounts. This can be performed manually as well, but a loss of data while transferring or a technical error could leave you handicapped. The procedure can be followed as mentioned in the cPanel. 

No support for ASP.NET/ Windows OS

It is quite confusing and odd to see this support being neglected by BlueHost. Companies other than BlueHost, most of them, like Godaddy, Hostgator etc provide an option to choose from Linux/Windows hosting. But BlueHost thinks other way around, they do not support windows hosting services and thus requires the users to switch to others, in case they are dependent on the ones mentioned.


BlueHost has proven itself as a standard hosting company, that can handle lots of data safely and effectively. Their plans, if that is made to blend with the customers need would help. If that is made to satisfy the customer by giving them more liberal choices, it would make BlueHost quite superior to its current self. Although, it is best to keep this as an important choice before going on to decide any further. The performance, integrity and customer support of BlueHost is nothing but unquestionable.

BlueHost Hosting

BlueHost Hosting







        Backup and Restore



            • Customer Support
            • Uptime average is higher
            • Lesser crashes
            • Faster to load and process
            • Scalable
            • Pricing
            • Long-term commitment requirements
            • No support of Windows OS/ ASP.NET
            • Paid Site Transfer

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