Uncut Version of Udta Punjab

Film Udta Punjab dispute is not moving to any solution and day by day we are seeing a new controversy. The Central Board of Film Certification, told the court on Wednesday that they have asked the filmmakers to cut 13 scenes from the movie and ‘A’ certification has been suggested too. words like ‘Tommy’ and Chitta have been asked to remove from the movie and 14 slangs and with this they have asked to remove the names of eight cities of Punjab. Censor Board chief Pahlaj Nihalani film is asked to remove these words and scenes from the movie Udta Punjab. We have got our hands on a list of scenes which censor board has asked to remove from the movie and they are as below,

Deleted Scenes of Udta Punjab

deleted scenes of udta punjab
1. Remove signs of Punjab from the beginning of the movie.

2. Remove all board and dialogue which have Punjab, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Taran Taran, Jashanpura, Anbesar, Ludhiana and Moga.

3. From song No. 1 remove the term CHITTA VEY.

4. From song No. 2 remove the term “The tee cock jevhe Chitti Chitti’ and ‘cock’ words from the movie.

5. In Song No. 3 there is a scene of Sardar itching and that is objectionable.

6. 14 slags has been suggested to remove.

7. Remove words like election, MP, MLA, Party, Punjab, Parlianment.

8. Wherever there is a closeup shot of taking drugs by injection remove it.

9. Tommy Singh’s character to urinate in front of the crowd scenes are asked to remove.

10. “Zameen Banjar te aulaad kanjar” dialogue is asked to be removed.

11. Dog named Jackie Chan should not be modified.

12. There should be a Disclaimer in the beginning which will say, ” the film shows growing influence of drugs and its ongoing battle against drugs . We believe that the government and police are trying. But this battle can be won without the support of the people . ”

13. Audio / Video Movie disclaimer about this movie being a fiction.

I am hoping to watch a movie without any reality and trust be it will be boring.