top 10 most emotional bollywood movies of 321st century

Bollywood is more than just funny movies and action-packed Ajay Devgan and Sunny Deol movies. In past years we have witnessed a lot of emotional movies which have made us cry and left a long lasting effect on our minds and hearts. Today we are going to compile a list of Top 10 Most Emotional Movies of Bollywood of 21st Century. In today’s list you are going to witness a lot of Shahrukh Khan movies which was appreciated by everyone in India and abroad.

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So let us kick start this list on most emotional Bollywood movies of 21st century below,

Top 10 Most Emotional Movies of Bollywood of 21st Century



Anjali is story of a dying mentally disable child and it is India’s first nominated movie in oscars though it could not make to any award. It won 3 national awards and one of the best emotional movies of Bollywood.



Devdas is a story of a lover who could not marry his love and then fights with his family and society. He then becomes alcoholic and dies in front of his love’s home. Devdas character is played by Shahrukh khan and one of the best emotional movies of Bollywood.

Ek Duje ke Liye


Ek Duuje Ke Liye is a 1981 Hindi movie directed by K. Balachander, starring Kamal Haasan and Rati Agnihotri. This movie won a National Film Award and 13 Filmfare nominations, eventually winning three.

Hum Apke hai Kaun

Hum apke hai kaun

One of early Salman Khan movies which made everyone cry with its tragedies and then how the family decided for their good. This movie was a blockbuster and did pretty well in box office.

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Rang De Basanti


The story is about a British documentary filmmaker who is determined to make a film on Indian freedom fighters based on diary entries by her grandfather, a former officer of the Indian Imperial Police. Upon arriving in India, she asks a group of five young men to act in her film.



One of the best movies of Bollywood starring Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan, has story of dying Rajesh Khanna who was suffering from Lymphosarcoma of intestine. This movie shows how one should live his life despite difficulties.



One of the biggest blockbusters of Bollywood is one of the best emotional movies of Bollywood. Sholay is a story of 2 friends who decided to save a village from a dacoit called gabbar and whole story revolves around a lot of amotions.



Swades is story based on brain drain from India to other countries. Shahrukh Khan who is a NASA engineer who comes to India and then decided to live here fo betterment of his village people.

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Taare Zameen par

taare zameen par

Taare Zameen par is a story of a kid who is suffering from a mental disease and Amir Khan is a teacher in this movie. This is a very good movie and shows what a kid thinks of his world around him.

Tere Naam

Tere naam

Another Salman Khan movie in this list and this movie was a blockbuster. A must watch for all those who love Salman and wanna cry after watching him suffering in this movie.

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