Famous Chor Bazaar in India

Till now you have heard about the big and expensive markets. Today we tell about the 5 Famous Chor Bazaar in India. Here the stolen shoes, phone, mobile, gadgets, auto parts and everything is sold here. People come and buy spare parts and modify their cars and bikes. If you park your car by mistake, it is quite possible that the spare parts can be seen in a shop of these chor bazaar.

Let us have a look at the Biggest and Famous Chor Bazaar in India

Biggest and Famous Chor Bazaar in India

Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar

Chor-Bazar mumbai

Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar is near Mutton Street Mohammed Ali Road in south Mumbai. The market is about 150 years old. The market was first known as ‘shor market’ which was the used to sell goods and it used to be quite noisy here. The foreigners never pronounced it hence they called shor as chor and it become chor market.

You would find second-hand clothing, automobile parts and stolen watches and also branded watches replica. You would also fine vintage and antique furnishings which are stolen. The restaurants and kebab shops are quite famous here. Beware of pick pocketeers here.

The market opens Daily at 11 am and closed at 7:30 in the evening. It is said that during Queen Victoria’s visit to Mumbai while loading ship, few of her stuff was stolen. That stuff was later found in Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar.

Delhi’s Chor Market

Delhi chor bazaar

It is the country’s oldest chor market. Earlier it used to be Sunday Market before behind the Red Fort. Now you may find this near Novelti Daryaganj and Jama Masjid. This market is quiet different from Mumbai chor market. It is also known as chor markets.

The market is found here on Sunday near Jama Masjid. You should check the product before buying. Once a guy parked his car here and later he was found bargaining his car’s typer in this market.

Meerut, Soti Ganj Scrap market

Meerut, Soti Ganj Scrap market

This market in Meerut, Soti gunj is quite famous. This market is considered a makka of stolen vehicles and spare parts . Here you will find the auto parts for all vehicles. Here you will get stolen cars, old cars and cars which are deteriorated in the accident. Meerut Sotiganj market is also Asia’s largest scrap market. The market in the Meerut City is open from 9 am until 6 pm. It is important to meet the right dealer to buy the right stuff.

You will get everything here starting from break piston of 1979 cars and world war car tyres.

Bangalore Chor Market

Bangalore Chor Market

Compared to the Chor Bazaar in Mumbai and Delhi Bangalore chor bazaar is less famous. This market is near Bangalore Chikpete and you will find it on Sunday . Starting from the second hand goods, gramophone, stolen gadgets, camera, antique pieces, electronic items and cheap gym equipment are available here. The market is similar to the local market.

Pudhupettai Chennai

Pudhupettai Chennai

Located in central Chennai it is known as “Auto City” and people come here to modify the old and new cars. There are thousands of shops here and you will find many things here. These shops are trained and famous for changing the original parts of the car and they have expertise on this. You will get Car spare parts for all vehicles here.