Hottest Year

What Is this about?

We are leading Earth in the wrong direction!

Hottest Year on this Planet was 2015, scientists claim!

The past year was not just a year, it was a year of numbers. Numbers in terms of records, statistics and many more. But none expected this kind of a “heat statistic” to pop up as soon as we entered 2016 right?

But sadly, this is the bitter truth of our planet Earth and a word of caution for us, the Human Beings; to stop for a moment and think that what we are doing is wrong and is going to lead to a catastrophe in the near future. This is not just any stat about our favourite Football team or Cricket team, it ain’t about results in any exams, it is about the lifetime of our planet Earth and eventually the lives of all the billions living on it.

What Numbers Say?

Astonishing Facts by Scientists!

Hottest Year
The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and NASA announced on Wednesday that 2015 was by far the hottest year amongst the 136 years, recorded. Scientists, around the world, besides NOAA and NASA stated that this stat is definitely a result of Global Warming and also, El Nino.

Michael E. Mann, a climate scientist at Penn State, told the Times that if the Earth were not warming globally, there would only be a one-in-1,500 chance that two consecutive years would hit record temperatures.

NOAA stated that 2015’s temperature was 58.62 degrees Fahrenheit (14.79 degrees Celsius), overtaking the previous margin by 0.29 degrees of that of 2014. That’s 1.62 degrees above than the average of the entire 20th Century says NOAA.  A spokesperson from NASA rather claimed that the year 2015 was 0.23 degrees warmer than the record set in 2014 and 1.6 degrees above the average of the Century. Earth has broken monthly heat record 34 times since 2000. The last time a global cold month was recorded is December 1916 and the coldest year recorded was on 1911 stated a NOAA spokesperson.

The list of hottest years, as recorded and analyzed by NOAA can be viewed from the below link.


What’s the Cause and Effect?

Hottest 2015 is due to :

Hottest Year

As we can clearly see, the Major contributors to the rise in temperatures are Global Warming and El Nino. More info on El Nino can be viewed by CLICKING HERE .

Global warming as we all know is not just some school grade syllabus; that you create awareness and never bother after that. It is mandate for all of us to put to work every possible thing we have learnt, like,

    • Planting as many saplings as possible by us. In fact as the proverb goes, “ As you sow, so shall you reap “, let’s plant not only for us, but for our successors.
    • Using Energy efficient Electrical appliances. By adding insulation into your walls and loft, you can lower your heating costs by more than a quarter as it reduces the amount of energy you need to heat and cool your home.  Turning down your thermostat by just 2 degrees could save about 2,000 units of CO2 yearly.
    • Reduce-Recycle-Reuse. Etc..


Apart from the other living organisms, we as humans must not compromise on life. We must look ahead and make sure we protect what’s ours.

let’s give this heating effect prime importance and make sure THAT we  DO contribute to the living of our successors and be content when we become their PAST.

After all, as they say,

“We have inherited this planet from our predecessors and must give it safely in the hands of our successors. “ 🙂