illegal thing in india



WHY THIS TOPIC?? Wrong doings…

Indian Government have been proactively functioning for the past couple of years. Few state the reason behind as, they are looking to take India forward; ahead of other emerging nations, they are trying to make sure Indian economy hits sky high in few years, so on and so forth the theories go. Indeed, it would be a shame to not appreciate for these kinds of actions by the government, although seeing the ugly side of them makes these improvements look smaller.
The people of India and the Indian government are these days, in fact always are termed as “INTOLERANT” to changes. That was certainly seen during the times various bans that the Indian government imposed, such as on Maggi Noodles, Jallikattu etc..

Instead of Enforcing Laws they are End(ing)-Forcing things by banning.

These aside, what is happening to the laws and bans that were actually supposed to be taken up seriously and must be continuously monitored? What happened to the policy makers and the protestants who brought about these norms In favour of the general public? What is currently going on in this Intolerant Nation? Let’s Find Out.

“Below are few laws and ethics that were implemented for a few days, but not bothered by anyone these days.”

NOTE : The order of listing is clearly based on the adverse effects it has had on various communities in this diverse nation.


Indian Inadvertency

Wikipedia defines piracy as “Piracy is an act of robbery or criminal violence at sea. Those who engage in acts of piracy are called Pirates”, Pirates as we know are in the sea, but ever seen them walk in roads and make profitable business? Welcome to India. Here everything starting from latest movies to music are pirated as in, copyright infringed. Though, as most of us are comfortable and conveniently able to get our share of entertainment with not much money spent, we are okay with it. But sadly, a producer invests 100s of Cr of rupees on a movie and we watch it for Rs 40-50 seems legit? This change of course is hard to expect and even harder to achieve.


Indian Inadvertency
The worst level to which women are pushed by situations (or) by will is this. A word that is normal in English but is considered unspeakable in India because of it’s culture rich and ethical living standards. In spite of this has the government taken any action against this? Have the people reacted to this as vigorously as they do to anything else? The answers comes as a shocker. The government is adjusting to this and the people, well people were never bothered about this and will never be in the future too. What’s worst of this worst is the children who are born for these workers, imagine their state of mind and their childhood environment, Indian customs are put to sleep?


Indian Inadvertency

In India every story has an emotional-connect to it; this is so evidently seen in the faces of beggars who are of late, have grown plenty in numbers! Begging might not be seen as a big deal at all but put together the terms “equality” in living standards, non-discrimination, poverty, we’ll be forced to accept this growing community of people who go towards begging as a solution to their food-starved, money-starved lifestyles. The government has no idea of what to do about this? People have no reason to debate on this notion on how to change this? Nope. They’ll rather not bother about these people. A general opinion on this topic thus far has been “it’s their headache“. The scenes where the women who beg carry their kids; Pathetic.


Indian Inadvertency
Gender Equality. Gender Discrimination. Gender this. Gender that and on and on and on. All these are mere talks minus action. Maybe not as wide spread as it was before, still, Sex Determination is a completely unacceptable and egregious. Sex Determination leads to another sleazy action, Abortion. Aborting a baby can’t be explained by words; It is on top of all the bad things that humans have ever imagined and invented. How is it nothing less than the most cruel activity to kill a baby even before it is destined to be born? Dreadful. 🙁


Indian Inadvertency
As the world famous young Nobel Prize winner for peace, Malala Yousefzai stated “One Child. One Teacher. One Book and One Pen can change the world. Education is the only solution.” This indeed is a very powerful line as it consists of all that takes to eliminate child labour by replacing it with the most important tool for a better future, Education. Children must study, play and experience childhood as much as they can and not sweat by bearing family responsibilities on their shoulders. We take a look at anything else or not, we as humans, must make sure to make our future bright, by shaping our future right! Let’s rise together to Stop Child Labour! After all, what’s life without successors?

We Indians must henceforth at least make sure to do our part in eliminating any of these. Although, the government needs to play their vital part instead of answering people with a standard reply as, “We are Trying”. 😛