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The internet and the contents on it are available to everyone; anytime and anywhere they need it. So what is the must have for such uninterrupted and lag-free website functioning? A web hosting that has both experience as well as freshness. That is where InMotion Hosting comes into the bigger picture. Being around in this business for more than a decade now, InMotion has become an out-and-out hosting company that not just understands its customers needs but also makes it a company that is well aware of the changing trend and market. Here is the full review on InMotion Hosting.

What is HOSTING?

InMotion Hosting
Hosting is the activity of a firm to manage and help the site owners publish their content and also store their content online. This is a great deal these days are contents on the web are everywhere. Starting from a write-up to a complex video file, everything needs a hosting agency to manage their files and store them in their servers such that the user can have them whenever he wants it.

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InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting

A precise note on them:

InMotion Hosting have been in the industry ever since  2001. They are in the business where there are these bigger players like HostGator(read our review of HostGator by clicking on the name) and BlueHost managed by Endurance International. InMotion Hosting has earned itself a name of realiable and stable hosting service as compared to its competitors.

Note : This review is purely based on what the users had to say about InMotion Hosting. Their promising services and growth are the reasons why I am covering it and passing on their strategic victory as well as unknowing cons to you, the users (both new and old).

What InMotion Hosting is good at?

It is very much obvious that nobody can be 100% good at what they do, it applies to everyone and for everything. Although, near perfection is always a hit or miss. InMotion Hosting seems to have always hit the cord with certain good qualities that can assure them a strong market for years to come. Here are the list of foundations that InMotion Hosting focused on that made them so stable and reliable.

Proactive Customer Service :

InMotion Hosting
There are times when we don’t need the help of anyone and then there are those times when without a support we can not make a move forward. This is the sole purpouse of a Customer Service, be it in any industry for that matter. InMotion Hosting, being a VPS handling company will eventually put to tormenting request queue by the users due to load and network traffic over their VPS, there could be a glitch somewhere causing it to go unstable. All these situations are a nightmares for the users and this needs to be sorted out with the help of experts. This is where InMotion’s experts stand a class apart.

  • They have the resources to handle any minor or major issue with the VPS or with the traffic to the VPS.
  • Their Customer service team is responsive via any medium you reach out to them. Be it Email or call, they are available.
  • The employees in this team have a clear cut idea of what needs to be done for what issue and does that expertly.
  • InMotion seem to have a great “Onboarding”, which is a sequence of Email that is very useful and customized. For instance if a user has a VPS with InMotion functioning for a specific task Emails related to that task are actually threaded. This makes it  easier to have support before the problem actually arises, like, FAQs.

Fully functional controls:

The CPanel (Control Panel) is an efficient way to manage all the necessaries. InMotion Hosting offers a seamlessly easy login process that requires you to login only once which takes you to your dashboard that is filled with tools and assistive functionalities. From this dashboard it becomes easier for the hosted company to track, manage and progress in a constant pace without much to look after to in terms of the VPS. Also, at any cost, if the company’s traffic is high or the VPS isn’t sufficient to handle the load, they also offer an In-house upgrade.

Data Backups and Guarantees :

The most important of plans is the backup plan (experience speaks here)! They are very good at hosting but doesn’t necessarily stop after doing just that. Most of the times we cut a sorry figure for losing data, feeling happy only after our backup has it. This is where InMotion plays a vital role by backing up our data seamlessly and also sometimes it feels endless. Their limits are wider as compared to others. For instance, HostGator provides free data backup only to cost you $19 bucks for retrieving(prices are subject to alteration). Though personally I would recommend backing up all your data yourself from time to time, InMotion Hosting is certainly reliable.

A 90-day money back guarantee that applies for 1 or 2 years. Business class hosting signups and 6 or 12 months virtual dedicated signups. This makes them more reliable and valuable in terms of the guarantees that they promise. Industry standard is 30 or maybe 45 days money back guarantee. The guarantee is especially re-assuring if you are pre-paying for an entire year.

Performance :

Keep aside all these added features we tend to look for in a hosting service, the first and the most pivotal thing is the hosting agencies performance. The server’s(VPS) speed, up and down time, their efficiency and so on. The site is only as good as the hosts are. If you have a superlative site only to be hosted by a firm that doesn’t mean business, the adverse effects are transitive. So it is necessary to assess the host before entrusting them.

Certain key criterion met by InMotion Hosting are:

    1. Upon research all that could be noticed was that InMotion Hosting have the best uptimes. Their reliability assurance is 99.9% as everyone. InMotion Hosting has N+2 or N+1 battery and diesel power backups in place and a BG4P network to protect against hardware faults.   
    2. Their speed has never been an issue for most of the site owners. Every second a user waits for the page to load it only makes him want to close the tab. So this is where the hosting agencies need to double up and provide the essential resources to increase the retrieval speed. InMotion Hosting convincingly does this and the results have also been consistent, sources report.

InMotion Hosting3. Traffic spikes are handled with care and ease as InMotion doesn’t encourage bottleneck process of filling up shared servers hoping that traffic may not spike anytime soon. This makes it more reliable and efficient as compared to the other hosting services.

Pricing :

Now before estimating that the prices are high, read on! The prices are nominal and actually very much appropriate for the services they offer. This can be seen from their link redirecting to their pricing comparator. Click here to know more.

Where they disappoint?

Website limitations :

Although we might appreciate them in this area for providing slightly above their competitors, the limitations for the packages that are put up on their sites doesn’t seem legitimate. A more owner friendly plan would have added this to the above list indeed.

Priority support only comes with higher pricing :

Ofcourse, that how to make money in this business, by reserving the best for the highest payers, still, a semi premium support for the others would have done them more good than bad.


InMotion has been the best in the business and an appreciable competitors to the others in the market. Their strengths and weaknesses speaks for themselves. An enhanced security and performances, complemented by a 24*7*365 support makes them an inevitable choice. But still they lack in number of subdomains on the initial package and a Ecommerce integrated support, which might cost them the fortune they are looking for. Nevertheless, the reviews of the users have been more overwhelmingly positive. So it only is fair to say InMotion is in the right path with the right customers!


InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting







        Backup and Restore



            • Speed
            • Performance
            • Backup
            • Security
            • 24*7 Support
            • Minimal website subdomains
            • Priority support comes at higher cost only

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