Facts About India's Fastest Train Gatimaan
Facts About India's Fastest Train Gatimaan

We all are talking about Gatimaan, which happens to be the fastest train in India after Shatabdi express and why not, Gatimaan will now take you to Agra from Delhi in just 100 minutes. Yes, you heard it right. Now you can reach Agra in just 100 minutes compared to 120 minutes. Gatimaan is India’s first train which will cloak 160 KPH and its engine have capacity to even cloak 200 KPH. Let have few Interesting Facts About India’s Fastest Train Gatimaan.

Interesting Facts About India’s Fastest Train Gatimaan

Gatimaan will run at a speed of 160 km/hr and this makes Gatimaan Express the fastest train in India.

The Gatimaan will run on all days, except Friday starting from Nizamuddin station at 8.10 am and concluding the journey Agra Cantt at 9.50 am. The return journey of the train will start from Agra at 5.50 pm and finish Nizamuddin station at 7.30 pm.

The price of Tickets will be at Rs 750 for AC CC and Rs 1,500 for executive CC.

Gatimaan Express will have 10 coaches, and this will have eight air-conditioned chair car (AC CC) coaches and two executive class bogies with a total number of staggering of 715 seats.

To push the initiative of PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’, the Indian Railways has got bio-toilets in the train and they look awesome.

All the coaches will haveautomatic fire alarm, emergency braking system and it will also have passenger information system and sliding doors inside the coaches.

The train is lead by a 5,400HP electric locomotive and 12 modern coaches. This means this train will be pulled by 5400 horses.

The coaches will also have lot of beautiful paintings of the tourist places in and around Delhi and Agra and this will give you a nice experience.

To make it more interesting all the coaches will haveTV screens on each seat, Later, these screens will be have satellite television and will show live-feed. and the train hostesses will greet you with flowers

Do you know cost of each coach? Each coach costs Rs 2.5 crore! Thats too Much!!

I am all set to have a ride on this train, are you?? Lets have a look at few images of Gatimaan Express.