kbc 9 audition

We just now had an article on phone number of KBC 9 and now we are back with another article and in this, we will be talking about kbc 9 audition date and kbc 9 audition venue. As we all know registration for kbc 9 will start soon and we are assuming this to be starting from the end of April and just after it many questions will be asked for the first round of registration and it will be followed up by audition in different cities from all over the India. If you would like to know about the registration process of kbc 9 then we are going to explain everything here and you may have a look at it below,

KBC 9 Registration Process

For kbc9 registration process, there will be first few questions asked in the first round of registration and these questions will be for individual entry and then there will be few questions asked for Jodi special, Jio users, and school champs. Once the questions are asked you need to send the right answer to the number which is going to be mentioned and then if your name gets selected by the system then you will be called for next round and you need to carry your id and address proof with you.

Once all this process is done you will be called for the audition and you will be given audition dates to appear in. Now below we will be talking about the audition dates and audition venue of kbc 9. The registration process is already done and now people would be asked for the audition.

KBC 9 Audition date and Audition Venue KBC 9

Following are the dates and venue details for Auditions Round:

Date                                   City

July 09, 2017                Delhi (Day 1)
July 10, 2017                Delhi (Day 2)
July 12, 2017                Bhopal
July 15, 2017                Kolkata
July 18, 2017                Mumbai

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