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For the first time in more than 10 years, it will be possible to see all five bright planets together in the sky. Around an hour or so before sunrise, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, the five planets that have been observed since ancient times, will appear in a line that stretches from high in the north to low in the east.


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Australian continent has been always considered lucky for being the region that gets the sunlight ahead of all other regions in the entire world. They are a day ahead always, they celebrate New Year’s first and so on. Its positional alignment on the surface of the earth is so good for it that the people in Australia are now going to witness history. Yes, they definitely are going to get to see these above mentioned five planets with naked eyes without any issues before the sunrise!

Australians can now have Amateur Astronomy as always their first and foremost hobby. In fact on historical days like these, they are sure to rejoice for being able to see them.

The planets are visible from right across Australia in the dawn sky. You can start to look for the line-up from Wednesday, January 20 and it can be seen right through until the end of February.


Moon, earth’s biggest natural satellite is serving the purpose of being more than just that! Based on the position of the moon, the planets can be identified. According to the blog from which reads as:

“On January 28, the moon will be right next to Jupiter. Come February 1, the moon (in its Last Quarter phase) will be alongside Mars, then on the following morning it’ll sit just below the red planet. On the morning of February 4, the crescent moon will be near Saturn. Then on February 6, the moon will be alongside Venus and on February 7, a thin sliver of moon will sit below Mercury.” The planetary alignment, which will occur till February 20, will be visible around 45 minutes before dawn. It will occur again in the evening sky between August 13-19.


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The line formed by the planets in the sky closely follows the ecliptic path! This path marks the plane of our solar system, visual proof that the planets, including Earth, all orbit the sun on roughly the same plane.

If you’re awake before the first rays of the sun begin to drown out the stars, then look for the curved outline of the scorpion between Mars and Saturn. In fact, sitting just above Saturn is the red supergiant star Antares, which marks the heart of the scorpion and its reddish colour makes it the perfect rival for Mars. ( As predicted – May not be accurate).


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It is such a beautiful magic of nature that such big planets are aligning themselves in accordance with the orbit found by Great Scientists; This clearly proves the existence of Sun as the star holding on to all the other planets in the Milky Way galaxy. Apart from Australians, parts of other countries are also expected to be able to see this elegance on the sky.

This is historic and takes long time to repeat. This alignment also paves newer ways for several Astronomical Communities and Space Venture Organisations like NASA  to realise and establish the theory behind it and how that can help mankind in any ways.

Keep your telescopes ready. We are all up and running for PLANET HUNTING on the beautiful, clear, NIGHT skies!

P.S : This is all set to repeat once again in August 2016. Stay tuned with us for updates on the same! Happy Stargazing!! 😀