no walking on bridge

Probably this would be the only bridge on which you are not allowed to walk on the bridge. This bridge is near the river Chambal in Dholpur and as soon as any pedestrian wants to cross the bridge, police comes into action and stops him then and there. Police would then arrange a car or jeep or any passing by truck and will make you sit and you can now cross this bridge.

Reason Behind Not Letting This Bridge Cross

There is a Police checkpoint near the bridge and it monitors the movement of people near the bridge all the times. Police have found several cases in which people have committed suicide by jumping into the river from the bridge. After many search campaigns police was never be able to found the body. This area of the river has large crocodiles and as soon as a person jumps in the river he becomes food of these crocodiles. Police believe that people walk on to this bridge to commit suicide and to stop this we are not letting anyone walk on this bridge. To avoid the headache of finding a dead body in the river police is doing this act.

Let the reason be anything but police is doing a very good thing by not letting people walk on this bridge and arranging cars or jeep so they can cross the bridge.