Prodigal Lady Ruby Roy

Toppers in Bihar of 12th Science and the Arts arrived for retest with Bihar board officials on Friday. Students who topped got into eligiblity controversy after Top 5 in Bihar Board gave interview to the local media channels. However , Arts topper Ruby Roy did not appear for the retest. His father arrived with a letter saying she is into depression. Ruby Roy is the same girl who said Prodigal science for political science and she had no idea about her subject and ironically she was a topper in political science. According to her political science is all about cooking. Students will be asked to answer 5 questions in Tests. If the student has not been able to answer three questions, his or her results will be canceled.

All this dispute began because of a sting operation against students toppers by a locak media channel. In the Sting operation in the Vaishali district BN College of Science and Arts topper topper Ruby and Saurabh were questioned and both came up with horrible replies. Ruby and Saurabh were asked questions related to the subject, but they could not give the right answer. Ruby did not even know how many numbers were of exam, Board Chairman Prof. Lalkeshhwar Prasad Singh has said that if a student does not take the test, then the results will be canceled.

Jab Padai Kiya toh Darna Kya

Praveen Taiba who came fourth in the list of toppers said, “I have worked hard and got marks in my exam” I have no fear of a trial . said Taiba’s mother and said my daughter is not illiterate.

The seven member team of experts from Bihar Board will interview all of toppers. There will be five questions, out of which they need to answer at elast 3. 60% marks in the interview is mandatory. If students are not able to answer three questions, then the board will act on them. Their names from Merit list  will be removed and the result will also be cancelled.

There will also be investigation to check if the student has written the copy himself or got it written by someone else. At the time of the interview, some of the students will be asked to write something and then the handwriting in the copies will be matched.

A very good step taken by Bihar board and must say justice will be given to every eligible students who worked hard. You may also check with the video of Ruby Roy in which she said prodigal science (political science) and it is about cooking.