Review Black Dog 12 Years Old

We have been writing a lot of top 10 lists on our blog and had very few reviews on it. So we decided to start the review stream with review of Black Dog Scotch Whisky: 12 years old. Festival time in India is over and after Navratri many people moved to food joints and pubs to gulp their favorite non veg food and alcoholic drinks. We received a bottle of Black Dog scotch Whisky to review and without any delay, we called a famous whisky and wine taster from Bangalore. You would get to see a lot of images of Black Dog 12 years old scotch whisky and with that we would be talking about each and every aspect of this superb scotch whisky.

Review Black Dog 12 Years Old Scotch Whisky

Name: Black Dog 12 years old scotch whisky

Country came from: Scotland

taste: Matured wood, toasted malt, mild honey sweetness, delicate butterscotch

Made first in: 1883

Colour: Amber, Golden

Types of Black Dog Scotch Whisky available in market: 

  • Black Dog Black Reserve
  • Black Dog Gold Reserve Aged 12 Years
  • Black Dog Reserve Aged 18 Years
  • Black Dog Quintessence Aged 21 Years

History of Black Dog Scotch Whisky

Black Dog was launched in 1883, with the name Millard Black Dog, by James McKinley of the Leith family of Scotland. The whisky was named by the man who brought the whisky to India, Walter Millard of the East India Company.[9] He named it after his favourite salmon fishing fly, known as the Black Dog

Source: Wiki

Black Dog scotch whisky comes in 180 ML, 375 ML and 750 ML.

Facts about Black Dog Scotch Whisky

In 2013, Black Dog was reported to be the world’s fastest growing Scotch Whisky by volume, according to International Wine and Spirits Research

Black Dog Scotch Whisky sold in India is bottled in Parmori District Nasik in Maharashtra.

Black Dog was brought to India by Walter S. Millard.

Black Dog Scotch Whisky is now one of the fastest selling scotch in Indian market.

Black Dog Scotch Whisky 12 years old price in Bangalore

180 ML : 700

375 ML : 1400

750 ML : 2800


Palate : Beautifully rounded, heavy body, pronounced malty, mellow woody, fruity sweetness with teasing light warm peat.

Aroma : Robust malty, mellow woody, complex yet delicate aroma of sherry and vanillic sweetness with whispers of soft peatiness in the background.

What to have with this whisky: Black Dog goes best with spicy and chili-hot cuisine. Assuage your burning tongue with a sip of this nectar: Voila, Sweetness divine

Images of Black Dog Scotch Whisky 12 years old

Review Black Dog 12 Years Old


Review Black Dog 12 Years Old

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