worlds ugliest dog

Though are heading says that these dogs are NOT ugly but these dogs were seen in an event in California and all over the globe in Ugliest dogs in the world competition. These dogs look amazing and this competition is showing the inner beauty of dogs. This event has been happening since last years and many people take interest in this. This year this event was won by Sweey Rambo who is a Chihuahua Chinese crested mix and owner is this dog is Jason Wutz.

 worlds ugliest dog

Meet Himisabu


Himisabu hairstyle was done in such a way that he would look like Donald Trump. People thought he would be the winner of this competition for sure.

He is Grovy, what an adorable dog!!


Have a look at Indian cricketers with their Dogs

Rascal Dukes wearing Animal print Jacket

rascal dukes

Skamp and he is too beautiful!


Eikie with Judge Neil Goteliebs


Grovy once again

Have a look at Bollywood actors with their Dogs

saint rossa

Jossa from Arizona with his owner


He is precious and looks awesome!


So did you like these beauties? Well we have fallen in love with them and we believe they are the best looking dogs of world. What do you think? Do let us know in below comment and do not forget to share this article on Facebook and Twitter too. Do have our one of previous articles Fb groups and people to save dogs in Bangalore and then also have our article on best dog boarding in Bangalore and then best dog boarding in Chennai too.