worlds longest flights


Ever since the inception of airplane by Wright brothers, we have witnessed many changes in aircraft industry and it has become an integral part of our day to day life. If you want to know how far aircraft engineering has come to challenge the flying limits then be assured to check our list of world’s top 20 longest non stop flights. Longest flights start from 16 hours and go up to whopping 17.5 hours. We are sure that there would be many more additions to it and it might go to 20 hours. You would be amazed to see the distance covered by these planes and here goes our list.

Air India: New York to Mumbai, Flying time 16 hours, distance 7807 miles

worlds longest flights air india

Covering 7807 miles from one of the busiest cities of USA, NY to India’s business hub Mumbai. Air India brand new 12 seat first class cabin flight covers this distance in 16 hours and travelers would have all the time to enjoy the hospitality of Air India with mouth watering food.

AVA Air: New York to Taipei, Flying time 15.5 hours, Distance 7808 miles

Another flight from New York and this time it flies for 15.5 hours covering 7808 miles to Taiwan’s business capital. When AVA air started their service, it created a lot of buzz as many people thought it would not be able to sustain in the market with this route. However, all went wrong as EVA air is doing amazing with their royal laurel class.

Air Canada: Toronto to Hong Kong, Flying time 15.5 hours, Distance 7810 miles

worlds longest flights air canada

You would certainly enjoy Boeing 777 if you are planning to fly from Toronto to Hong Kong. With its business class cabins, Ken Chase approved winBe list, in flight entertainment system and superb hospitality of Air Canada you would be covering 7810 miles in 15.5 hours.

Unites: Los Angeles to Melbourne, Flying time 16 hours, Distance 7921 miles

With Boeing 787 dreamliner service it takes 16 hours to cover whooping 7921 miles from departure to arrival. Earlier this route was covered by Virgin Australia but now it is being covered by United. You would love the Boeing 787 dreamliner series by United.

Qatar Airways: Dallas to Doha, Flying time 16.5 hours, Distance 7931 miles

worlds longest flights qatar airways

With round trip tickets coming to almost $1700, Qatar airways is playing big with its recent addition to this route. Qatar airways added this route to their list in July 2014 and since then there is no looking back for them.

South African Airlines: new York to Johannesburg, Flying time 16 hours, Distance 7969 miles

South African airlines has been operating since 40 years on this route and been operating with only a single downtime. Covering almost 8000 miles in 16.5 hours this flight takes New York people to beautiful city of Johannesberg.

China Southern: New York to Guangzhou, Flying time 16 hours, Distance 8002 miles

This is the first entrant in 8000 miles as it covers 8002 miles in 16 hours. It departs from New York’s JFK and arrives at Guangzhou Baiyun international airport in jaw dropping 16 hours. For travelers planning to visit Chinese city this is a perfect option as fare for round trip is only $960.

Emirates: Dallas to Dubai, Flying time 16.5 hours, Distance 8040 Miles

worlds longest flights emirates airways

We are going to witness many Emirates flights with 8000+ miles on this list now. With its award winning hospitality and super in home entertainment system, emirates is not leaving any stones unturned to cover this route.

Qatar Airways: Houston To Doha, Flying time 16.5 hours, 8047 miles

With its Oryx entertainment system and flat bed first class suites Qatar airways boeing 777 covers 8047 miles in 16.5 hours. It starts from Houston’s George Bush international airport to Doha airport and it is a perfect flight if you are planning to visit Doha.

Cathay Pacific: New York to Hong Kong, Flying time 16 hours, 8072 miles

worlds longest flights cathay pacific

As we said before now you are going to see many 8000+ miles in this list and adding to this trail Cathay Pacific covers 8072 miles in 16 hours. Starting from New York to business hub of Hong Kong, awards winning best airlines Cathey pacific would never disappoint you.

Emirates: San Francisco to Dubai, Flying time 16 hours, Distance 8103 miles

Emirates has made another entry in this list with flying time of 16 hours covering 8103 miles starting from San Francisco to Dubai. You would love flying in Boeing 777-300ER with 42 reclining seat and more leg rooms for 216 economical passengers.

American, Dallas to Hong Kong, Flying time 16.5 hours, Distance 8123 miles

Started in 2014 Americal airlines covers 8123 miles in 16.5 hours and it would take fellow Americans to business hub of China in 16.5 hours.

Etihad: San Fancisco to Abu Dhabi, Flying time 16 hours, Distance 8158 miles

worlds longest flights etihad airways

This flight would take you halfway around the world in 16 hours with covering 8158 miles. You would love Abu Dhabi for its amazing culture and hospitality.

Emirates: Houston to Dubai, flying time 16.5 hours, Distance 8168 miles

If you would like to have a glimpse of Burz Khalifa then you must fly with Emirates from Houston to Dubai. They cover 8168 miles in 16.5 hours and no wonder Emirates has again secured a place in this list.

Saudia: Los Angeles to Jeddah, flying time 17 hours, Distance 8332 miles

worlds longest flights saudia airways

Covering whooping 8332 miles in 17 hours Saudia Airlines would take you to Jeddah from Los Angeles.

Emirates: Los Angeles to Dubai, Flying time 16.5 hours, Distance 8339 miles

Emirates has once again got a place in this list as they have many flights from USA to Arab countries. This time Emirates is taking people from Los Angeles to beautiful city of Dubai with superb sights, luxurious hotels. Emrates covers 8339 miles in 16.5 hours and comes at number 5 in this list.

Etihad: Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi, Flying time 16.5 hours, Distance 8390 miles

Coming at number four you would love to fly with Etihad as they have 6 feet reclining beds, diamond first class and 23 inches flat TV. They cover 8390 mile sin 16.5 hours and would take you to Abu Dhabi from Los Angeles.

Delta: Atlana to Johannesburg, Flying time 16.5 hours, 8439 miles

worlds longest flights Delta-Airlines

Coming to number three spot Delta airlines covers 8439 miles in 16.5 hours and would take you from Atlanta to land of jungles, safari and adventure.

Qantas, Dallas to Sydney, Flying time 17 hours, 8578 miles

Covering 8578 miles in 17 hours Qantas, Australian carrier has deployes Airbus A380 which gives you more log room, more comfort and more hospitality is guaranteed with Qantas.

Emirates: Dubai to Panama, Flying time 17.5 hours, Distance 8588 miles

And the number one spot goes to Emirates for its incredible flight of 17.5 hours covering 8588 miles from August 2015. Emirates Airways ruled this and there was no doubt that they would not want to rule the chart too.