Best Cheapest Deodorant For Men in India

Another list today and in this we would be talking about Top 10 Best Cheapest Deodorant For Men in India. In this list we would be talking about all the Popular and Famous Deodorant Brands in India which you should use. Deodorant is the best friend of any man in winters when we do not feel like taking shower. Before going anywhere we all prefer to spray deodorants and then leave the house. There are many advertisements in which they show deodorant attracting girls for guys and we do not know which deodorant is better. keeping this in mind we have done a small survey among 500 men and came up with the list of Top 10 Best Cheapest Deodorant For Men in India.

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Top 10 Best Cheapest Deodorant For Men in India

Guess Seductive Homme Blue

Guess seductive Homme blue is the best deodorants available in India and you would fall in love with this deodorant. You may get this one for 400 rs for 150 ML.


This is probably the best deodorant available in India for men and you may get a pack of Brut for 295 for 200 ML. You can get a lot of discounts on this deodorant as they run a lot of discount campaigns for their consumers.


This is the most popular deodorant available in India. Axe is a French company and they have been in India for a pretty long time. Axe deodorants are available in many fragrances and you would like them for sure.

Nivea for men

Nivea had come up with deodorant recently and since its, inception this deodorant is doing amazing. It has got a refreshing fragrance which will keep you fresh all day long and you would love this for sure.

Old Spice Deodorants

One of the oldest and finest deodorants available in Indis which is liked by both men and women. You can either try the original variant or try any of the seven variants available.


PlayBoy deodorant has been in India for pretty long and it is liked by a lot of people. You would love to use this deodorant and they have many variants to go for.

Nike Original Men

Nike has many deodorants variants and out of them Nike Original Men is the best deodorant available in India. You would love the manly fragrance of it and it is liked by a lot of people.


Adidas has a lot of variants available in India and all of them are pretty good. Cool blue is liked by a lof of people and you should give a try for this.

Nautica Voyage N-83

The aquatic and musky tone of this deodorant will make you feel beach at home. I have used this one and a must for everyone.

Garnier Men Mineral

antiperspirant deo has an extract of mineralite and it keeps your skin moisturized and gives you a very good feeling.

So did you like this list of Top 10 Best Cheapest Deodorant For Men in India? Do let us know your favorite brand of deodorant to us in below comments. Also please do share this article on facebook with friends and family members.

Top 10 Best Cheapest Deodorant For Men in India Popular, Famous Deodorant Brands
1 Guess seductive Homme blue
2 Brut
3 Axe
4 Nivea
5 Old Spice
6 PlayBoy
7 Nike
8 Adidas
9 Nautica
10 Garnier Men Mineral