Top 10 Highest Earning Bhojpuri Movies; Highest Grossing Bhojpuri Movies List

We are back with another article and today we would be talking about Top 10 Highest Earning Bhojpuri Movies. In this article, we would be featuring all the Highest Grossing Bhojpuri Movies List till date. We are pretty sure that by now you must have seen our article on top 10 highest paid Bhojpuri actors, followed by highest paid Bhojpuri actress list. Like this there would be many more articles here on our blog. So let us start today’s article on Highest Grossing Bhojpuri Movies List.

Top 10 Highest-Earning Bhojpuri Movies; Highest Grossing Bhojpuri Movies List

Movie Name Rank
Sasura Bada Paisa Wala (2005) 1
Nadiya Ke Paar (1982) 2
Ganga Maiyya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo (1963) 3
Ganga (2006) 4
Pandit Ji Batai Na Biyah Kab Hoi (2005) 5
Bhole Shankar (September 12, 2008) 6
Pariwaar (2008) 7
Bidaai (2007) 8
Ranbhoomi (2010) 9
Ganga Devi (2012) 10


Sasura Bada Paisa Wala (2005)

Budget: 30 Lakhs

Earning: 9 Crore

Released in: 2004

Directed by Ajay Sinha
Produced by Sudhakar Pandey

Nadiya Ke Paar (1982)

Directed by Govind Munis
Produced by Tarachand Barjatya
Written by Birendra Rana
Starring Sachin, Sadhana Singh

This is probably one of the best movies of its time which was made in Bhojpuri and later on it was made in Hindi in 1994 as Hum Apke Hai Kaun. One of the biggest emotional movies of all time which did pretty well in box office.

Ganga Maiyya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo (1963)

This movie was one of the finest movies made in Bhojpuri industry and it was made on widow marriage repercussions in Indian society.

Director: Kundan Kumar
Producer: Bishwanath Prasad
Music: Chitra Gupta
Cast: Kumkum, Ashim Kumar, Nasir Hussain

Ganga (2006)

Ganga is a 2006 Bhojpuri film directed by Abhishek Chhadha. It marks the return of Hindi superstar Amitabh Bachchan in Bhojpuri Cinema after a brief cameo in Sujit Kumar’s 1984 movie Paan Khaye Saiya.

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Nagma, Manoj Tiwary, Ravi Kishen, Hema Malini

Producer : Deepak Sawant
Director : Abhishek Chhadha

Pandit Ji Batai Na Biyah Kab Hoi (2005)

Director: Mohan Prasad
Starring (Cast): Nagma, Ravi Kishan

Pandit Ji Batai Na Biyah Kab Hoi is going to release its part 2 in April. The first part was a mega hit and earned a lot of money in box office. It is one of the biggest hits of acto

Bhole Shankar (September 12, 2008)

Bhole Shankar is a 2008 Bhopuri-language film directed by Pankaj Shukla and produced by Gulshan Bhatia. It has stars like Mithun Chakraborty and Manoj Tiwari in lead and important roles.

Directed by Pankaj Shukla
Produced by Gulshan Bhatia


Mithun Chakraborty
Manoj Tiwari
Antara Mona Lisa Biswas
Master Shivendu

Pariwaar (2008)

Producer: Abhay Sinha & Ajay Sinha

Cast: Dinesh Lal Yadav, Pravesh Lal Yadav, Pankaj Keshri, Pakhi Hegde, Urvashi Chaudhry

This is one of the best movies of Dinesh Lal Yadav which earned a lot of moolah in box office. This movie also won few awards in Bhojpuri film awards functions.

Bidaai (2007)

Bidaai has won Best Film Award of 4th Bhojpuri Film Award and it is Ravi Kishan’s one of the finest movies. Ravi was seen in this movie with Rinku Ghosh.

Director: Aslam Sheikh
Producer: Chandrashekhar Rao and Ishtiyaq Shekh

Ranbhoomi (2010)

Ranbhoomi had won best film in 6th Bhojpuri awards.

Star cast: Manoj Tiwari Mridul, Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua, Sweety Chabra, Urvashi Chaudhary,     Shakti Sinha, Dayashankar Panday, Sambhavna Seth

Ganga Devi (2012)

Amitabh Bachchan was seen in this movie and it was one of the biggest blockbusters movies of Bhojpuri film industry. Ganga Devi is the story of a woman who graduates from the college in political science and then becomes the wife of a social worker. The movie aims at depicting the current situation of the politics in India.

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