Top 10 Rice Producing States in India

Rice is a part of our daily food and we love to have this. We eat rice in lunch and sometimes dinner and there are a lot of varieties of dishes which is made by rice. Without any doubt South India is the biggest market place for rice but is it south India who produces the maximum amount of rice in India? We will have a look at that today as in this list you would witness Top 10 Rice Producing States in India.

Top 10 Rice Producing States in India

Rank State Production
1 West Bengal 148.05 Lakh tonnes
2 Uttar Pradesh 142.22 Lakh tonnes
3 Andhra Pradesh 130 Lakh tonnes
4 Punjab 107.82 Lakh tonnes
5 Tamilnadu 75.85 Lakh tonnes
6 Bihar 72.68 Lakh tonnes
7 Chhatishgarh 64.28 Lakh tonnes
8 Odisha 60.08 Lakh tonnes
9 Assam 48.18 Lakh tonnes
10 Karnataka 41.68 Lakh tonnes


Karnataka – 41.68 Lakh tonnes

Karntaka is at 10th place in Top 10 Rice Producing States in India. Here in Karnataka rice is grown in 14 Lakh Hectares and rice growing areas are Tumkur, Mysore, Bellary, Coorg, Mangalore. Karnataka share in total rice production in India is mere 3%.

Assam – 48.18 Lakh tonnes

With 48.18 lakh tonnes Assam stans 9th in this list. Assam is a state of rivers and monsoon and because of which this state is able to produce 48.18 lakh tonnes in India. The yiels od rice in Assam is good as they produce 48.18 lakh tonnes in 25 Lakh Hectares.

Odisha – 60.08 Lakh tonnes

With whopoping 60.08 lakh tonnes Odisha stands at 8th place. Because of its humid weather and a very large chunk of agricultural land Odisha produces a lot of rice and is at 8th place.

Chhatishgarh – 64.28 Lakh tonnes

Chhatisgrah is known for its rice and it has many varieties like Aditya, Vandana, Tuls, Kranti and Abhaya. It accounts for 5% of rice production of total rice production in India. Rice is the main crop here and every year they are increasing the production.

Bihar – 72.68 Lakh tonnes

With whooping 72.68 Lakh tonnes is at 6th place. Being a flooded state Bihar is able to produce a lot of rice in India.

Tamilnadu – 75.85 Lakh tonnes

Tamilnadu is at 5th place and you would be surprised to know that Tamilnadu has very less land and it has the maximum 3,900 kilograms per hectare in India. Tamilnadu has many rice factories as well and they produce 7% of total rice production in India.

Punjab – 107.82 Lakh tonnes

Punjab rice is known for their taste and aroma. Basmati rice come from Punjab and there are a lot of people in Punjab who are into full time rice production.

Andhra Pradesh – 130 Lakh tonnes

Swarna, Tikkana, Kavya, Sannalu and Pushkala are some varieties of rice which are produced in Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh share 12% of total rice production in India and it has 3,100 kg/hectare of rice yield.

Uttar Pradesh – 142.22 Lakh tonnes

Uttar Pradesh is at 2nd place and it is grown in 59 lakh hectares. It has yield of 2300 kilograms per hectare. Sarraiya, Manhar, Kalaboro, Saroj and Shusk Samrat are varitieties of rice which is produced here.

West Bengal – 148.05 Lakh tonnes

West Bengal has yield of 2,600 kilograms per hectare and it produces 148.05 Lakh tonnes. Rice is grown in 50 lakh hectare of land which is 50% of total land in West Bengal.