top 10 richest idians

We are back with another article on Latest List of Richest Indians and Their Net Worth and in this you would see top 10 richest Indians. This list is released by Forbes and this time for the first time there is entry of the Patanjali Ayurveda’s Acharya Balkrishna. His 97% stake in the company has got him net worth of 2.5 lakh crores. Flipkart co-founders are out from this list.
Among Reliance Jio launch in headlines RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani has once again retained the top spot for the ninth time in a row. This time their property has increased by 26 thousand crores. in just one year Ambani famly’s company shares have risen to 21%. Moreover in 2016, the country’s 100 richest property has increased to Rs 25.5 lakh crore (381 billion dollars) as compared to 2015 total 23.1 trillion (345 billion dollars).

In this Forbes list Balakrishna ranks 48th. Magazine said politically strong Ramdev is Balkrishna childhood friend. They both built Patanjali in 2006. Balakrishna has a 97% share holdings in Patanjali.According to the magazine, every year, Patanjali is generating revenues of $ 780 million from toothpaste and cosmetics, ranging from noodles to jam and jeans. Ramdev baba does not have shares in the company, although the company is operated by Balakrishna.

Forbes said that Patanjali have five thousand Ayurvedik clinics abroad. In India they have Patanjali Yoga, Ayurved University and and Research Institute.
The new list of Forbes have 6 Names for the first time, while 13 could not make it this time.

Top 10 Richest Indians; Latest List of Richest Indians and Their Net Worth

Name Ranking in 2016 Ranking in 2015 Net Worth
Mukesh Ambani 1 1 1.52 Lakh Crores
Dilip Sanghvi 2 2 1.13 Lakh Crores
Hindja Family 3 4 02 Lakh Crores
Ajeem Premji 4 3 01 Lakh Crores
Palonji Mistry 5 5 93.13 Thousand Crores
Lakshmi Mittal 6 8 83.75 Thousand Crores
Godrej Family 7 7 83.09 Thousand Crores
Shiv Nadar 8 6 76.38 Thousand Crores
Kumar Mangalam Birla 9 10 59 Thousand Crores
Cyrus Poonawala 10 9 57.62 Thousand Crores
Uday Kotak 11 12
Sunil Mittal 12 13
Gautam Adani 13 11
Venu Gopal Bangur 14 22
Anad Barman 15 16


No place for Sachin and Binny Bansal

Sachin and Binny Bansal who started Flipkart in 2007 did not get into the list this year.
To be in this list their property must be at least of 1.25 billion. They did not make the list because of their low valuation of FlipKart.

People whose property increased in one year

1- Mukesh Ambani: Compared to last year’s 1.26 lakh crore it increased to Rs 1.52 lakh crore was 22.7.
2- Hinduuja Family: Now has 1 lakh crore in the previous year was 99.1 thousand crore.
3- Godrej family property last year, which was 76.3 thousand crore increased to Rs 83 crore.
4- Kumar Mangalam Birla: property this year compared to last year’s 52 thousand crore as against Rs 58 thousand crore last year.
5- Lakshmi Mittal last year to Rs 81.7 crore as against Rs 75 thousand crore he had.

People whose property reduced in one year

1- Dilip Sanghvi: This year’s 1.2 lakh crore to Rs 1.13 lakh crore last year.
2. Azim Premji: Rs 1.06 lakh crore last year as compared to this year Rs 1 lakh crore.
3. Shiv Nadar: assets declined compared to last year’s 93 thousand million dollars, to 76 thousand crore he had.
4- Pallonji Mistry: assets declined to 93 thousand crore compared to Rs 98 crore last year.
5- Gautam Adani: 46.9 thousand crore assets decreased from 2015 in 2016 fell by 42.2 thousand crore.