Uber Drivers Earning in Bengaluru

Recently one of my friends left hos 8 to 5 job and started driving his car as Uber driver. To my surprise which I asked him the reason behind this he did not utter a word and showed me his weekly earning. I was shocked as he was earning more than 20,000 a week and that makes it around 1 lakh per month. I was pretty much convinced and walked into Uber office in HSR layout in Bengaluru. After coming back from Uber office I was pretty much convinced that I am going to drive an Uber too. Just kidding but we had a look at lot of people’s earning and we have come up with a rough figure for you.

Uber Driver’s Earning in Bengaluru

I have done a lot of research after talking to Uber car owners, Uber drivers and Uber officials and came up with below data which still holds good on 26 September, 2016. Earlier Uber used to pay for number of rides you do in a day and it was something like 6750 for 22 rides, 4700 for 19 rides and so on.

Now they give minimum business guarantee as this is as below,

Get Rs. 7200 for Rs. 2280 daily earnings
Get Rs. 6500 for Rs. 1900 daily earnings
Get Rs. 6000 for Rs. 1670 daily earnings
Get Rs. 5000 for Rs. 1450 daily earnings
Get Rs. 3800 for Rs. 1220 daily earnings
Get Rs. 2500 for Rs. 910 daily earnings
Get Rs. 1200 for Rs. 460 daily earnings

Let me explain you this in a very simple way. Lets suppose you book a cab and go to airport from K R Puram to Kempegowda airport hence your trip charges would be somewhere around 900. This means I earned 900 for one trip and if I get 2 trip like this then I would earn 1800 in a day I would fall into below slab.

Get Rs. 3800 for Rs. 1220 daily earnings (let me tell you why, explanation below)

Now this is how Uber would calculate the earning, first of all they would decduct 25% from 1800 and it would be

1800-450 = 1350

Now I would fall under category of Get Rs. 3800 for Rs. 1220 daily earnings as I made 1350 but was not able to make 1450 hence for this I would be getting 3800 from Uber, But wait I would be getting this 3800 after deduction of 25% and this would be somewhere around 2850. If we take this into a monthly consideration then let us assume that I would be driving only for 25 days and my earning would be somewhere around as below,

2850*25 = 71250

Drivers salary: 71250-20000= 51250

Diesel: 25*800= 20000, 51250-20000= 31250

Maintenance: 5000

31250-5000= 26250

Internet: 26250-250 = 26000

Parking, toll and fines: 2000

So in the end I would be earning 26000-2000= 24000. If I driver my car by myself then I would be earning 44000 INR which is a pretty good amount. You would also need to keep one thing in mind that I drove only for sometimes and there are drivers who are coming into top slab and are earning more than a lakh per month.