Unblock Yourself in Whatsapp

Has someone blocked you on Whatsapp and you want to talk to that person but do not have access to his mobile phone? Do not worry, recently one Quora user has come up with a technique which can unblock yourself from Whatsapp with your same number without letting the other person know. Even the person who blocked you will be shocked. There are two methods and in first method you do not have to change your number, however in the second method you need to use a different whatsapp account. So let us start with trick on How To Unblock Yourself in Whatsapp With The Same Number and Chat.

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How To Unblock Yourself in Whatsapp With The Same Number

Method 1

  • Open WhatsApp on your device
  • Go to settings
  • Hit on the Account Tab
  • Now Enter your Phone number and Click on delete my account
  • Now open App manager in phone setting
  • Locate Whats App and uninstall the same
  • Once the app is completely uninstalled from your device , restart your device/phone
  • Now open Play Store and install whats app again
  • Once fresh installation is completed open the app.
  • Now enter the data required like mobile no ( your phone number ) , OTP etc to start the app .
  • Its done , now you can start texting the user who blocked you in his/her account as you have been unblocked from his/her Whats App account

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Method 2

Now if you do not want to try this method and still want to talk to the person who blocked you then follow below method and you will be able to chat to that person,

  • Use another whatsapp account
  • Create new group
  • Add your blocked number
  • Add the person who blocked you
  • Now you may chat

For this you may have to choose a different phone number and a different account. However, with the first method all you need to do is delete your account, restart phone and install WhatsApp and you are good to go.